Unique Brown Hair Colors for Dark-Haired Ladies

Day by day we see new hair color trends that come to inspire us for our next hair color makeover. Indeed, bright pastels are still in mainstream but this season the accent is put on darker yet unique coloristic solutions. Hair colorists decided to provide brunettes with the most impressive shades. Now brunettes don’t need to worry about having strands that are plain or boring. If you are a dark-haired lady, then you should definitely check these unique brown hair colors for yourself. Dimensional Brunette Hair Color

Sleek hair is an impressive way to show off your dimensional hair color. The following hair color is just a result of various tones of hair highlights. Take the best of blonde and brown tones to show off your love towards these two shades. Note that the dark shade of  roots is maintained, consequently it is easy to maintain and works for every skin tone and texture. 

How to Pick The Best Hair Color for Your Face

Choosing the right hair color for your face is the hardest thing. Unfortunately you can’t choose whatever color looks good on the model in the box. The color may look great on one person but not work on another person. The main reason is that a hair color works differently on different skin tones. Individually done dye job will add a hint of glow to your face while inspiring others to follow you. In order to help you with this problem we have decided to guide you by offering some ways on how to pick the best hair color for your faceBest Hair Color for Your Fair Skin and Cool Undertones 

A wrong hair color may cause an awkward look when you have a fair skin tone with cool undertones. If you are into light shades, then you need to consider blonde tints that lean on ashy undertones. Such blonde tones will definitely cool your complexion down without creating too much contrast.

Haircut and Hair Color Ideas for Women over 50

A woman is beautiful regardless of her age. Whether it’s a short hair, medium or long, you can always feel amazing with a right haircut and hair color. Never forget that you are a model for your loved ones. Just have a look at celebrities over their 50, how they stand out because of their taste and incredible physical shape. Age is not a reason for giving up looking your best. Grab a good hair dye and give a flattering look to your strands. Below find the best haircut and hair color ideas for Women over 50.Blonde and Pixie Haircut

This hairstyle is just a solution for a woman who embraces her natural white strands and wants to add a feminine touch to it. It’s a platinum blonde that is paired with a bold pixie. The color is easy to achieve particularly when you have natural grey hair. Both the color and the cut work pretty cool together providing with a modern hair look.

Hair Highlights for Kinky Curls

Kinky curls are seen on many women around the world. Several years ago they were associated with Afro-American women but nowadays this trend has crossed the boundaries and become one of the most requested beauty trends among females. Kinky curls look better with various shades including blonde, brown, pastel hues etc. The latest technique that has been created for curly haired ladies is know as “Pintura”. The translation of the word means paint. This highlighting technique is the best for curly hair. Below I have included some gorgeous hair highlights that are absolutely amazing for curly hair.Hair Highlights for Kinky Curls

Pintura hair highlights are not so damaging plus they provide with an eye -catching look, just like this one. Roots are left natural while the rest of strands are softly touched up with a caramel tone. This universally appealing tone is easy to maintain and looks great on every texture. It’s just a great way to add a pop of color throughout your locks.

Unique Mahogany Hair Colors for 2018

A good hair color is the key to healthier and shinier hair. The tendency of wearing lighter hair colors make women go for harsh chemicals to bleach the strands. But it is a well-proved fact that you don’t always need to have light hair to be called a bombshell. There are some amazing hair colors that will always help you stand out in the crowd. Today you are going to see some magical mahogany hair colors for 2018 that are vivid but don’t scream as much attention as pastels, rainbows or ultra-light blondes. Go on reading and get more ideas for your favorite shade. Choco Mahogany Hair 

Want hair like one of those celebrities? If yes, then you should definitely check this amazing mahogany hair color. It combines two rich shades such as brown and red. The base is brown while mahogany highlights are applied to create a sophisticated color combo. The advantage of wearing this hair color is that it requires less maintenance and care. So you should take it into consideration. 

Amazing Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas

There are only a few women that don’t love this delicious food so it is not surprising at all that chocolate brown is one of the most required hair colors among females. It is rich, vibrant and of course classy. From rich mocha to milky hues- it comes in countless shades providing you with a multitude of hair coloring ideas. If you are planning to go for this shade, here you may find just a right amount of chocolate brown hair colors inspiration. Go on reading and choose something according to your complexion. Chocolate and Chestnut Brown 

Chocolate and chestnut are the most popular shades of brown that look amazing when blended into each other. This vibrant shade is amazing for those with warm and olive skin tones. The key to this amazing look is the dark brown lowlights that provide with dimension and movement. In order to get the exact hue, show this picture to your hair colorist and ask for the same style. Make sure that it works for your complexion. 

Absolutely Amazing Ash Blonde Hair Colors To Try This Year

Ladies who have always wanted to look like the ice queen, need to check these extremely beautiful ash blonde hair colors. Actually, ash blonde is the lightest shade of blonde that has grey undertones. Indeed, your locks need to be quite light otherwise it will be impossible to achieve an ashy hue. When it comes to ash blonde hair color, it looks fab on women with lighter complexions even though statistics showed that dark-skinned women also rock it perfectly.Buttery Ash Blonde Hair Color

Perhaps you have been told many times not to mix warm and cool tones, but we encourage you to go for it. Here is a striking buttery ash blonde that has achieved with highlighted streaks of cool ash blonde. The highlights blend into each other creating a dynamic hair look. Luckily this style works both for brunettes and blondes.

Popular Hair Colors of This Year

Instagram beauty bloggers and fashion gurus dictate the trends and ordinary people follow them. They are the greatest source of inspiration. Today we have complied popular hair colors of the year using trendsetters as an ultimate source of inspo. If you are about changing your current hair color, this is the right moment to do that.Butterscotch Brown Hair Color 

Want to be a beach babe? Do it with this sophisticated butterscotch brown hair color. A warm brunette with tones of sunshine give a mood of eternal beach babe. This butterscotch brown looks quite natural due to the technique used to apply brown and blonde tones throughout the locks. Balayage is the key to this amazing look. Regardless of whether you are a brunette or blonde, you may adopt this shade for yourself. 

2018 Bold Hair Color Trends

You are a lady that seeking extra attention? Well, bold hair colors are what you need to think of. These shades are bright and vivid such as orange, pink, purple or red. With any of these tints you will definitely be noticed. The hardest thing about bold shades is that you may need to bleach your hair, even though there are styles for brunettes that don’t require bleaching. Check the color gallery of bold hair colors for 2018 and find your style.hair colors for 2018Fiery Fade Hair Color 

It is an incredible soft ombre that starts out with bright, red-orange shade and fades into a peachy strawberry blonde towards the tips. It is a multidimensional hair color that requires using several shades to achieve what exactly you see. The look is both intense and soft. It isn’t easy coloristic solution so make sure that you have appropriate eye color and skin tone for it. 

Life Changing Hair Color Trends

Last year we have seen everything from bold pastels to vivid rainbows but it is said that 2018 is all about laid back shades. But wait, it doesn’t mean that pastels and rainbows go away, but the colorist give their preference to less drastic shades. Prepare yourself for either dark and sultry or warm and cozy shades. However, regardless of whether you are up to a daring hair color, or you just want to enhance your look with subtle hair highlights, you need to watch these life changing hair color trends.trendy hair colorRose Gold Hair Color

Popular hair salons just announced the biggest hair color of the year -rose blonde. Well, it’s not something new but year by year the color gets better look. This time it has the millennial pink name. It has taken the internet by storm. The shade can lean on more pink or blonde but it’s the greatest line in between these two hints. The result is an ethereal look like this.