2017 Black Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Black is a classic and fantastic hair color that can be successfully paired with many other shades. The best thing about this natural-looking hair color is that it flatters almost all skin complexions. If you find it boring to have a black hair color all over, then ombre is the best solution because you can choose the amount of dark and light shades you desire to add, you can even experiment with pastel shades. If you need some inspiration then have a look at 2017 black ombre hair color ideas and get inspired from.   2017 Black Ombre Hair Color Ideas Cocoa Coffee Hair

This is a typical black ombre that involves an espresso hue and smooth streaks of warm cocoa. Some deep golden brown babylights have been professionally placed at the tips of the strands. Babylights take away the heaviness caused by dark colors. A simple wavy texture completes this hairstyle and the locks have been gently brushed back.cocoa coffee hair color for 2017Black and Blonde

This sophisticated look is for girls who don’t fear to play with various shades and create a unique style. The roots hold matte black and the thick layers sport a sparkling amber hue. The shoulder-gazing hair is styled into curls to add extra body and dimension and help the colors perfectly blend into each other.blonde black hair for 2017Blonde Balayage

When you want to blend some contrasting hues, balayage is the best technique to do it. The roots involve deep lavender black. The dark ashy blonde hair gradually turns into a delicate hue. The hair has been chopped off into a chunky bob and given a neat wavy finish.    blonde balayage hairBlue and Black Hair

Blue and black color mix has already managed to gain popularity among the trendsetters. The color comes from coffee black on the base and the crown sports green tone. These bright shades have been blended to create a face framing design that will make the wearer stand out.black and blue hair colorCaramel Black Ombre Hair

If you want to spice up your dark hair with a sweet shade, then you may start from a chocolate tone and blend it into a chocolate caramel hue to break out that monotone and dull appearance of amber locks. The strands have been styled into soft waves to finish the hairstyle.caramel black ombre hair for 2017Dark Purple and Black

The hair has a black shade but some deep hazel colored babylights are added towards the front. The tips of strands have been dyed in royal purple. It is a great way to create a contrast between natural and unnatural hair color. Apart from this, the overall look is pretty interesting.dark purple and black shade



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