2017 Gorgeous Highlights for Black Hair

Black hair is dull and uninteresting when it has no shine and attractiveness. In order to live it up hair colorists offer trendy highlights which immediately switch up your hairstyle. There are stunning highlights for black hair to use in 2017. If you have black hair and need some change for your locks then opt for one of these hair highlighting options in 2017. You will certainly love the final result.  hair highlights for dark hair 2017Caramel Highlights for Dark Hair

Let’s start form the most common hair highlights for black hair. The first shade or the mixture of shades that you ca use is the warm caramel. It is a cool combo of dirty blonde and light brown shades which beautifully lighten up black hair. The majority of dark-haired celebrities including our stylish Kim Kardashian has worn caramel highlights on their hair. It is perfect especially for long tresses but in case you have a short haircut you can add this hue either on the front layers or on the fringe.caramel highlights for black hair 2017Burgundy Highlights for Black Hair

Besides the common matching shades there are also edgy hair highlights for black hair. Though many consider burgundy as an ideal hair color for black hair but some like its subtle reflection by the means of highlight. This hair color tends to make black hair hotter and more seductive. Women with burgundy red highlights are considered as very brave and powerful. They are not afraid of new experiments and like to add a bright touch to their life.burgundy highlights for black hair 2017Dirty Blonde Highlights for Black Hair

Dirty blonde is the lightest shade that you can wear on your black hair and still keep the well-balanced effect. Lighter shades don’t go well with natural black hair. As dirty blonde has some caramel to brownish effect it works well with black hair. Women with warm, tanned and darker skin tones can easily go for dirty blonde highlights.dirty blonde highlights for black hair 2017Golden Brown Highlights for Black Hair

Golden brown is a glossy hair color itself. Due to its lavishing and rick hues it is now chosen as a trendy hair color but in case you want to keep your natural black hair just add a few chunky golden brown highlights on the front layers and on the top part of your hair to make it shine and sparkle more beautifully. Golden brown highlights go with tanned, olive and dark skin tones. They are ideal with light brown eyes.golden brown highlights for black hair 2017Turquoise Highlights for Black Hair

If you seek for edgier highlighting ideas perhaps the lovely turquoise hues may look appealing to you. This blue-greenish shade is well-balanced with black hair and looks so astounding.it is recommended to add turquoise highlights on the tips of hair. It provides with a more pleasing and harmonious result.turquoise highlights for black hair 2017



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