2017 Hair Colors for Women with Dark Skin

While switching up your hair color, the first thing to take into consideration is your skin tone. There are numerous hues that will definitely flatter your complexion. The same color has a different effect on everyone. However today we have selected some stunning 2017 hair colors for women with dark skin. Just one thing to keep in your mind is that you can pull off literally any hair color (blonde, brown, red, pastel and etc.) you just need to find the exact hue. Now if you are ready, just go on reading!Hair Colors for Women with Dark SkinLilac Hair Color

There is a notion like black women can’t rock pastel hues because these shades don’t work with their dark skin complexion. But let’s stop right there! Black women perfectly rock pastel hues and here it is the best proof of my words. The model is wearing a subtle lavender hue on her ultra long strands. She has finished her style by giving her locks incredible curls.Lilac Hair ColorBlack Hair Color

If you are in natural hues then consider this dark shade of black. The sheen of the strands is a sign of being healthy. It makes the eyes pop up and brings out the beauty of the skin complexion. Most of Afro-American women are blessed with kinky texture, so this is the best moment to show it off and enhance the look of the color.Black Hair ColorCaramel Highlights

Who said you should go for all over color transformation to achieve a stunning look? You can consider hair highlights that will change your entire look. Here the caramel highlights enhance the look of brown hair and make the bob haircut stand out. Well, apart from the color, the cut is also crucial. If you have a bob haircut simply style it in a messy pattern and go out!Caramel HighlightsPastel Hair Colors

This example proves that dark skinned women look ridiculously gorgeous with pastel hair colors. These shades work really well with their natural texture. Be that pastel green or orange you can match it with your dark skin and let your strands flow freely. It is the best moment to call attention with the help of a trendy and eye-catching hair color.Brown Ombre

Use your imagination to combine natural hues together to achieve a striking ombre pattern. Since brown is a neutral hair color it flatters almost all skin tones. In this particular style the base color is dark brown that gradually melts into lighter shade of brown. When it comes to styling, you don’t have to opt for complicated hairstyles rather than showing your natural texture.Brown Ombre



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