Brunette Hair Color Ideas by Celebs for 2017

Celebrities are always there to inspire us! They are rocking the sexiest brunette shades that range from light brown to gorgeous chestnut and literally everything in between. If you are not in bright shades then these gorgeous tints will definitely grab your attention. Compared with other hues 2017 brunette shades are pretty easy to achieve but you still need to make sure that you are using qualified hair products. However, there are various highlights and lowlights that will definitely come in handy when you want to upgrade your monotone strands. Now, let’s start!Brunette Hair Color Ideas by Celebs for 2017Natalie Portman Coppery Brown

Beautiful Natalie Portman wears her incredible coppery brown shade that works really well with her medium skin complexion. Her natural golden highlights enhance the brown hair color. However it is a pretty easy look to replicate since you just need to ask your colorist to place some highlights that are no more than two or three tones lighter than your natural hair color.Natalie Portman Coppery BrownEva Green Dark Hair 

Eva Green’s dark hair has some ruby notes. You can place subtle tone-on-tone highlights to give your brunette locks a little soft dimension and add some depth and shine to the color. However this color works really well with her fair skin complexion and deep blue eyes. To complete the look you just need to create gorgeous waves and wear a red lipstick.Eva Green Dark Hair Kerry Washington Dark Hair 

Kerry Washington’s monochromatic dark shade forms a striking frame for her soft features. Who said that monotone colors are boring and out-dated? This dark shade makes her eyes pop up. Since it is a neutral and natural shade it works well almost for all skin tones. To finish your style you may chop off a small portion of your strands to create bangs and style the rest of the strands into gorgeous waves.Kerry Washington Dark Hair Katy Perry Jet Black Hair

Katy Perry is the next popular celebrity in Hollywood who knows how to wear dark shades in a right way. Her silky sable shade will always be inspiring for all brunettes. With a rich hair color like this you don’t have to think about styling, since whatever you wear, you will have an elegant and classic look. However you can accentuate your eyes with bright makeup like Katy did.Katy Perry Jet Black HairAlexandra Chung Brunette Locks 

Alexandra Chung has turned her gorgeous ombre into a simple brunette locks. We can see that the beauty is really in simplicity. It is not necessary to go for to bright shades to look feminine and adorable. For this style you just need to color your strands into a sophisticated brown hue and give your strands a choppy cut like Alexandra Chung. Note: bangs will add your bonuses!Alexandra Chung Brunette Locks



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