Celebrity Black Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Black hair considered as one of the classiest and powerful styles is very popular among many Hollywood stars. After all the experiments of highlights, ombre ad two-tone hair colors come the shiny, monotone and trendy hair colors which can’t be compared with any other posh style. Among the monotone shades black hair color has made a great comeback with all its glossy, jet, ash-y and raven shades. If you need a new inspiration of the trendy black hair color in 2017 then you are in the right place. The examples of the black-haired celebrities will help you to find out the most suitable hue of black for your complexion and eye hue. So, let’s be admired by the most powerful celebs who wear black hair.black hair colors 2017 celebrityKaty Perry Black Hair Color

Did you know that Katy Perry is a natural blonde? Well, a few people remember her in blonde hair as she started her career by changing her hair colors. But the most fascinating fact about this talented and beautiful singer is that whichever hair color she pulls off she looks gorgeous. We have seen her in many dramatic shades, rainbow colors, blondes and black and luckily all of the experiments just highlight her incredible beauty. This light-skinned and light-eyed lady is very attractive in jet black hair color which seems to be her natural hair color. just look at her flawless appearance; it’s an inspiring experiment for many natural blondes who want to switch up their look.Katy Perry black hair 2017Kim Kardashian Black Hair Color

Though Kim likes to go for several shades of platinum and dirty blondes but everyone knows that she will come back to her natural brunette hair. This reality show star is known with her log luscious mane which is generally in dark brown and black hair colors. Black ideally works with her dark eyes and brings out the charm of her skin tone. This raven shade adds extra-shine and a healthy look to her long layered haircuts.Kim Kardashian black hair 2017Demi Lovato Black Hair Color

Demi Lovato is another cool-skinned celebrity who pulls of the glossy black like a natural brunette. It helps her to draw attention on the cute and pretty face and compliments her eye hue. Due to the right makeup tricks she creates harmonious and gorgeous effects for her black hair. There is a kind of unrepeatable sophistication in this posh appearance.Demi Lovato black hair 2017Serayah Mcnell Black Hair Color

No one would deny that Serayah Mcnell is a stunning natural black-haired beauty. This is the care that I am speechless. She is more than admirable in the glossy, luscious black curly hairstyle which complements her face shape and enhances the charm of her dark eyes. It goes without saying that jet black shows off Serayah’s warm and flawless skin. In a word, she is delightful.SERAYAH MCNEILL jet black hair 2017Kylie Jenner Black Hair Color

As for Kylie Jenner back is one of the most common and simple hair colors for her. She has worn so many dramatic and eye-catching hair colors that black seems a kind of simple for her. However it’s a classy hair color that makes her so engaging and tends to provide her with a more feminine tenderness. Black goes well with her medium complexion and keeps her fancy style very glamorous.Kylie Jenner black hair 2017



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