Trendy Two-Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Women with two or more tone hair can be confident about their stylish look. Solo colors are still available for all but if you are looking for something unique, you can incorporate some highlights or some soft shades in an ombre or sombre. Two-tones on your hairdo allow having a well-detailed haircut and it ensures that your strands don’t look dull. Apart from this, sometimes it is not really easy to commit between several shades, because you cannot be certain what will work for you before you try it. I have selected 2017 two-tone hair color ideas have a look and get inspired from it.trendy-two-tone-hair-color-ideas-for-2017Black and White Contrast

It is very important how you will use your two tones, because you can look great if you dye the hues in a right way. In this style the colors are simple yet attractive that involves portioning the strands into two lengthwise. You need then to split a light blonde shade on one part and maintain a black shade on the other to create an outstanding contrast. The locks are styled into cool curls that provide with lots of and white hair color for 2017Bright Two-Tone Hair Color

If you are fan of wearing bright hairstyles, then this color design will be great for you. It requires giving your strands a raspberry hue at the base color and then transitioning it to a dark purple tone in an ombre style. With such bright hair color you just need a Dutch braid that demonstrates the beauty of the shades.bright two tone hair color for 2017Red Violet and Grey

Red-violet shade will make any woman look gorgeous and elegant but if you want to make it a bit extreme then introduce a dark grey shade on small sections at the front. The basic color is red-violet but grey shade makes this headdress unique and more violet and grey hair colorAsh Platinum Ombre

The effect of the shades on this long mane is pretty inspiring and it will draw attention wherever you go. Ash platinum is a spiffy shade but the design and technique of in this one also make it extra-charming. It involves darkening the shade on the roots and making the tips bright to create a cute ombre pattern.ash platinum ombre for 2017Dark Brown to Red Ombre

Ombre will always be in trend and it will make you look stylish. But the most important thing is to choose a right color combination. In this design everything starts from dark brown shade and it transitions to a bright red shade to create a beautiful contrast. The shoulder gazing strands also have a nice texture and cut, so you don’t have to do much styling.dark brwon to red ombrePurple and Grey Hair

It is hard to know which one is the basic shade of this design, but it is not even crucial because being able to get it is what matters. To achieve it you can use either balayage or foilyage technique and spread both colors throughout the head.  The layered haircut perfectly demonstrates the beauty of the shades.purple and grey hair color



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