Dark Blonde Hair Ideas for 2017

Blondes, if you are looking for new ways to change your hair color and still have that title of being blonde you need to check out our article about dark blonde hair ideas for 2017. It is recommended painting your strands with darker hues for coming cold months. Sometimes it is really hard for light blondes to wear darker shades, but these examples will still let you be blonde. However darker blonde shades flatter almost all skin complexions, though it will be better to consult with your colorist before transformations.Dark Blonde Hair Ideas for 2017Dark Honey Blonde Hair

Dark honey blonde shade can be the best option for upgrading your light blonde strands. This dark honey blonde is going to be a fantastic color for winter. It works almost with all skin complexions, though it is better to wear it with darker roots. Style your strands into gorgeous waves to display the beauty of the combination of honey blonde and dark roots.Dark Honey Blonde HairBlonde Balayage Hair

Balayage hair is the hottest trend right now! This medium hair looks so complete with balayage highlights and dark roots. If you can’t give up your light blonde hair, this option will help you to keep your tresses from looking too dark. The dark roots and blonde tips work really well together and create a beautiful balance. This hair color will compliment your fair skin tone and enhance the look of your strands.blonde Balayage HairBrown Blonde Hair

Well, you will never guess whether this model is true blonde or brunette. Brown and blonde streaks perfectly melt into each other to create a rich brownish-blonde tone. It is another way to wear a new hair color but still have a hint of blonde through your strands. Compared with other blonde shades this one doesn’t require much care so you don’t have to rush to hair salon as soon as your roots start to reveal.Brown Blonde HairLowlights and Highlights

Highlights and lowlights are ideal when you want to brighten up your strands or make them darker. When highlights and lowlights blend into each other they create a perfect contrasting look. With such lowlights and highlights you don’t need to think much about styling since some waves will be more than enough to show off your rich hair color.Lowlights and HighlightsBlonde Hair with red Undertones   

Cara Delevingne’s dark blonde hair is so delicious that makes us copy it immediately. Well, you just need to add some red hues to your light blonde hair and you will achieve this gorgeous look. Due to a red tone the blonde hair looks more dynamic and vibrant. To finish the style, give a wavy touch to your strands.Blonde Hair with red Undertones



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