2017 Ash Blonde and Silver Hair Ombre Ideas

Compared with other ombres, the combination of ash blonde and silver is relatively new in hair industry. The celebrities’ colorists are busy popularizing this gorgeous trend all over the world. These muted colors make women dye their hair nearly grey. If you don’t have an idea how this ombre will look on your hair then you need to check out the pictures of ash blonde and silver hair ombres for 2017. These shades will definitely boost your confidence, since day by day they are becoming a strong trend.2017 Ash Blonde and Silver Hair Ombre IdeasAsh Blonde Strands with Dark Roots

There was a time, not too long ago when women used to dye their strands from the part where the natural roots started to showing off. Nowadays they embrace those roots which don’t look like grown out hair since the transition between the two colors is incredible. All women like the dark roots paired with the lovely blonde strands. So you can upgrade your look with this trendy ombre idea.Ash Blonde Strands with Dark RootsLong Hair with Silver Ombre

Long strands will never ever seem monotone with a gorgeous silver ombre. You can accentuate your ultra long strands by giving the tips some contrasting color. This ombre will provide you a mind-blowing look and make you shine. It can be achieved both by brunettes and blondes; only brunettes will have to bleach the tips of the strands before wearing a light shade.Long Hair with Silver OmbreAsh Blonde Ombre

Blonde ombre is the best solution for ladies who want to settle for a lighter hair color. For the beginning the ash blonde ombre with darker roots is more than enough. However casual ash blonde ombre hair paired with delicate waves is another flawless style that can be rocked in any settings. So, just give it a try and your friends will be obsessed with your new hairstyle.Ash Blonde OmbreOmbre Pixie with Bangs

Who said pixie hair wearers can’t rock ombre designs? Here is a cool look for your inspiration. This particular design requires lighter diagonal streaks that can be called highlights too. It is definitely different from the others , so in case if you want to stand out with your sophisticated yet elegant headdress, then this style is the best way to go with.Ombre Pixie with BangsSilver Ombre Tips

You don’t need to use the silver shade to cover most of your hair- you can always highlight only the tips of your strands. I am sure girls with darker strands will definitely love this style. The light grey tips complement dark brown locks and brighten up the overall look. All you need to do is to give your strands a medium to long shag haircut to show off the striking color combination.Silver Ombre Tips



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