2017 Balayage Ideas for Short Hair

The balayage short hair coloring technique doesn’t show any sign of disappearing. You already know that the term balayage originally comes from French word that is translated “to sweep”. The color is being hand painted on the strands to create the coolest highlights. The result is going to be a more natural-looking tone that matches the skin complexion and gives a glossy sun-kissed appearance. Today I have selected 2017 balayage ideas for short hair that will inspire anyone who wants to refresh her lifeless and monochromic hairstyle.2017 balayage ideas for short hairTousled Copper

Balyage hair looks great on any hair length and hair type. In this particular design the colorist used some copper highlights on the red locks and they look fantastic due to the freehand pattern as it goes well with unkempt and dishevel locks. Apart from being a sexy and attractive look it is also very easy to maintain. So if you are looking for something low-maintenance than this is a perfect option.Tousled Copper for 2017Brunette Balayage

For a playful look like this you will need to have a well-done balayage. This technique will help you to draw away the focus from the length and emphasize the texture. The tousled strands give the style a carefree and disheveled look ready for any occasion. It is the best way to accessorize your short locks and bring out the best in you.Brunette Balayage hair Luscious Blonde Hair

A professionally done balayage will grace your locks with a luscious look and give a slight metallic appearance. The dark roots are prominent but the color used for the rest of hair is also magnificent. The shimmering streaks of gold give the hair more depth and dimension and make the hair appear sleeker. These colors are worn on medium-length hair.Luscious Blonde HairSilver Highlights

Are you looking for a salt-and-pepper style? Well, consider this example since the colorist used the coolest silver highlights on the tips. The shoulder-gazing wavy bob maintains its raven-black color at the top and then silver highlights have been added to give the locks some touch of femininity. This color combo will provide you with a sophisticated look.silver highlightsBlonde Balayage  

Treat you hair with a delicate balayage technique and give your medium-length locks a luminous hue. This chic hairstyle requires a smooth transition from brown to gold shades. However, if you want to get a perfect style then consider finding a professional colorist. Balayage technique guarantees a perfect look that will help you to draw attention.blonde balayage



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