2017 Light Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde is a universal color that comes in many shades and shapes. To choose the best from numerous hues is not so easy. Some common shades of blonde include buttery, sandy, icy, and platinum. Among all blonde shades you need to find something that flatters your skin tone and brings out only the beauty in you. Light blonde hair is also a fantastic canvas that allows you to go for various experiments. Check out the following variations of 2017 light blonde hair color ideas and get inspired from.2017 Light Blonde Hair Color IdeasSubtle Platinum Lob

The ethereal and graceful platinum blonde hue exudes a radiant glow in natural light. This luscious hairstyle has been given some extra dimension and texture using soft waves. The platinum tone is great for fair skin complexion and when paired with soft texture of long bob, the result is a breathtaking look.platinum blonde lob for 2017Golden Balayage Blonde

No one can resist the beauty of blonde hair. As you see this rich shade doesn’t need length to look good. The medium-length lob holds a radiant golden hue that darkens in a delightful color. The balayage technique provides a smooth color transition from the dark roots to the tousled golden tips. You can achieve this outstanding hairstyle using various texturizing products.golden blonde balayage hairSandy Blonde Hair

Here we are with a rich sandy blonde shade. A straight-haired look will look really boring without a color like this. The luscious blonde gloss can be highlighted by some subtle balayage painting. By the way, we highly recommend you to find a skillful and professional hair colorist for the best result. sandy blonde hair color for 2017Light Blonde Hair with Balayage Highlights

This simple yet feminine look requires a combination of straight and curly locks on light blonde hair. Darker roots are meant to accentuate the delicacy of the light blonde strands and also create a superb look. This color blend is possible to achieve using subtle balayage babylights.light blonde hair with balayage highlightsBeige Blonde Hair

The best thing about this look is that it is very easy to pull off and maintain the whole day. The ultra-feminine beige shade braces up the look and is a lovely change from regular butter blonde shades. This gorgeous tone is complimentary for numerous skin complexions.  beige blonde hairIcy Blonde with Highlights

These icy strands have been paired with a subtle gold hue to create a multi-dimensional hair color. You can also place some dark babylights to add more dimension and depth to the look. These shades are done one medium-length layered haircut that perfectly displays the beauty of this color mix.icy blonde with highlights for 2017Honey Blonde with Dark Roots

Instead of wearing a single shade you may upgrade your strands with an alternating color transition for a more attractive style. This honey headdress pairs with an icy hue of blonde to create a mind blowing design.honey blonde with dark roots for 2017



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