2018 Bold Hair Color Trends

You are a lady that seeking extra attention? Well, bold hair colors are what you need to think of. These shades are bright and vivid such as orange, pink, purple or red. With any of these tints you will definitely be noticed. The hardest thing about bold shades is that you may need to bleach your hair, even though there are styles for brunettes that don’t require bleaching. Check the color gallery of bold hair colors for 2018 and find your style.hair colors for 2018Fiery Fade Hair Color 

It is an incredible soft ombre that starts out with bright, red-orange shade and fades into a peachy strawberry blonde towards the tips. It is a multidimensional hair color that requires using several shades to achieve what exactly you see. The look is both intense and soft. It isn’t easy coloristic solution so make sure that you have appropriate eye color and skin tone for it. Fiery Fade Hair Color Violet Hair Color 

Dreamy hair colors aren’t going anywhere. If you have always wanted to get one of those shades, but avoided because of  harsh bleaching sessions, this dye job is for you. The deep bluish-purple hair color will show up without lightening your hair. Whether you believe or not but you can achieve the shade even by yourself. It flatters various skin tones including dark and light. Smoked Peach and Cream 

Before falling in love with this color, know that it is a high maintenance shade that requires touch ups. It is a moodier and cooler than blorange. It features smoked peaches that perfectly blend with tangerine and charcoal hues. Play up with your dark roots and go lighter creating  a striking ombre style. Orangy and blonde hues look pretty good when paired together. However, it is an imitation of ocean sunset that will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. smoked peach hair colorMillennial Pink Hair Color 

If you are in love with bright shades, then you need to consider this ultra-feminine millennial pink hair color. It is the best pastel that has gone viral on Instagram. Millennial pink is a color in between pale blush and true pink. Seriously everyone is going to love this color combo. Bring your hair to the light level of blonde and then apply the pinkish hues. Peanut Butter and Jelly Hair Color 

Contrasting hair colors are not for everyone. If you are bold enough to mix several vivid shade for a true contrasting look, then check the picture we have showcased below. It uses golden blonde and purple tones to evoke jelly. To give your hairstylist a basic idea on what hair color you are exactly looking for, save this picture. Good luck with your next bold hair look. 



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