5 Gorgeous Blonde Hair Color Ideas 2017

Is it true that blondes are more feminine and attractive? Well, femininity is not something to decide by a hair color but the subtler your shade the more seductive you’ll look. In this case many brunettes go for blonde hair colors and natural blondes opt for shiner and fresher hues. It is worth to try out a new blonde hair color in 2016 to switch up your look. So, let’s discover the posh and ritzy blondes right now.blonde hair colors 2016Buttery Blonde Hair Color

Buttery blonde is matte hair color with a hardly noticeable natural shine on. This shade is a cute sun-kissed blonde that works well with cool and medium skin tones. It looks very harmonious with light eyes. Naturally blonde ladies who want to warm up their base hair color may take a yellowish buttery blonde. It is a good choice especially for spring and summer seasons.buttery blonde hair color 2016Platinum Blonde Hair Color

The tendency of pulling off the trendy platinum blonde hair color is increasing day by day. Even dark-skinned women including Kim Kardashian wear it with great pleasure. Being such a light and shiny hair color platinum blonde is the most ravishing blonde hue in the hair color palette. Its incredible attractiveness is ideal for cool seasons. You can create a well-balanced effect with cool skin tones and light eyes.platinum blonde hair color 2016Golden Blonde Hair Color

The glossy golden blonde hair color which as both light and dark shades is the nest fashionable shade in the hair coloring world. It is a glamorous and too eye-catching hair color particularly for long hair and thick hair. Curls and waves are the best hairstyles for golden blonde hair colors. Its engaging shades work well with light to medium skin tones and compliment light eyes hues.golden blonde hair color 2016Ash Blonde Hair Color

Nothing can be compare with the tenderness of the ash blonde hair color. We often see it on the runway worn by the majority of stunning models. This hair color looks perfect on long straight hair and has a matte effect, that’s why hair colorist sometimes add platinum blonde highlights for extra-shine. Ash blondes go well with light, medium and several types of tanned skin tones. Best eye hue is blue or green.ash blonde hair color 2016Flaxen Blonde Hair Color

Whatever you may try natural-looking shades remain the most requested ones. One of them is the flaxen blonde. It is a subtle blonde hair color for many natural blondes. There is a delicate and soft touch in this sun-kissed hair color which you can choose for spring and summer. It is great for many skin tones including the complexions with pink undertones.flaxen blonde hair color 2016



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