5 Must-Have Hair Colors of 2017

The easiest way to spice your look and enhance your haircut is to go for a right hair color. Popular hair colorist predicted that in 2017 women are going to color their locks even more, and it seems this predication is turning to reality. We can still see lots of vibrant and bright hues, different hair highlights injected to natural and solid shades, crazy ombres and delicate sombres. Here we have included 5 must-have hair colors of 2017 to inspire you to achieve that perfect pop of color. Read on to discover the best trends of 2017 and be a step forward from others.Hair Colors of 2017Blorange

What will happen when you try to mix orangey hues with blondes? The result will be a statement making hue that has already gain popularity among favorite celebrities. Blorange is the trendiest hue of the season and it blends well with the natural tones of hair. The best part of this trend is that it compliments almost all skin tones. You can enhance your borange with the help of baby lights.BlorangeBright Blonde

Whenever you decide to go blonde, keep in your mind that it is always trendy. Your blonde can look better with a brighter twist. It seems trendy blondes are all about bringing out your bright side. However the technique requires keeping your blonde close to natural at the root and going brighter towards the tips. With less upkeep your blonde will stands out.Bright BlondeCinnamon Brunette

If you desire to give your brunette locks a more dramatic touch, this might be your favorite color of the season. Spicy reddish hues create a stunning and eye-catching hair color. Cinnamon brunette is a new “bronde” but with added red tones. In the upcoming seasons we will see many women going for a rich hair color like cinnamon brown.Cinnamon red hair colorReddish Tones

Red is a fantastic hair color to go for when you are looking for something sexy and edgy. Red hues will make your classic hair color even more interesting. Sometimes you don’t even need to apply a red hair color to achieve that effect because some warm tones that are exposed when hair is naturally or unnaturally lightened may provide that lovely effect. Ask your colorist to bring out those tones.Reddish TonesBronde Hair Color

Bronde hair color is around use since 2015 but it has never lost its importance. Women still love to experiment with this trendy shade. Bronde is not quite blonde but it is not brown either, it is something in between these two tones. Whatever it is, we are truly in love with bronde trend particularly when it is done with natural-looking hair highlights.Bronde Hair Color



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