Absolutely Amazing Ash Blonde Hair Colors To Try This Year

Ladies who have always wanted to look like the ice queen, need to check these extremely beautiful ash blonde hair colors. Actually, ash blonde is the lightest shade of blonde that has grey undertones. Indeed, your locks need to be quite light otherwise it will be impossible to achieve an ashy hue. When it comes to ash blonde hair color, it looks fab on women with lighter complexions even though statistics showed that dark-skinned women also rock it perfectly.Buttery Ash Blonde Hair Color

Perhaps you have been told many times not to mix warm and cool tones, but we encourage you to go for it. Here is a striking buttery ash blonde that has achieved with highlighted streaks of cool ash blonde. The highlights blend into each other creating a dynamic hair look. Luckily this style works both for brunettes and blondes.Silver Ash Blonde

It’s one of the hottest combos that are around already several years. If you have blonde hair and you are kind of tired of it, give it a metallic tinge to break the monotone and plain touch of you strands. Ask your hair colorist to add a dark ash blonde near your roots and add some platinum baby lights towards the tips. You are going to end up with a mind-blowing hair color like this.Silver Ash BlondeLatte Ash Blonde

The following version of ash blonde is equally amazing. This delicious hair color reminds of your favorite iced latte. The dark roots perfectly blend into a natural ash blonde providing with a sassy hair color. The best thing about this dye job is that it still produces super natural hair shade. However, it’s a low maintenance look since the dark roots are maintained. From now on you don’t need to worry about popped up roots.Smokey Ash Blond

If you are not into lighter shades, you may choose the darker side of the color. There are really many undertones of ash blonde that are in mainstream right now. This smoky ash blonde is one of them and it requires going for black or dark brown roots and ashy blonde shade with dark undertones on the tips. Big, bouncy waves help to finish this sexy look.Smokey Ash BlondAsh Blonde Balayage

It’s not a secret that any hair color achieved through balayage technique looks super natural including bold and vivid shades. It looks like a complicated style but it’s pretty easy to achieve. Just paint your hair ash blonde and silver via balayage technique and voila you have it. Note that the tips are a shade lighter that create an illusion of ombre.Ash Blonde Balayage



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