Amazing Blonde Hair Highlights 2017

Whether you have blonde hair or dark there are amazing blonde highlights to use in 2017. We, women get tired of the same shades and often need something new, more fascinating, attractive and beautiful. The options of blonde highlights are absolutely endless and they come up with various cool ideas. Let’s check out the most inspiring blonde highlights for different base hair colors.blonde highlights 2017Platinum Blonde Highlights for Light Hair

In order to lighten up your current hair color platinum blonde highlights are the greatest and the most fashionable hues for you. They are shiny and tend to add a natural-looking shine to your light blonde hair. Platinum blonde highlights work well with many light blonde shades, cool complexions and light eye hues. It is one of the most popular hair colors for 2017 but many use it as a highlighting tint.platinum blonde highlights 2017Warm Blonde Highlights for Red Hair

Though natural red hair is incredible in its style and whole look but when you need some change you go for another hair color. But wait for a minute. Instead of dying all your red in another shade just keep up with the fashion and highlight your hair with warm blonde highlights. Just a few chunky warm blonde highlights and you are done with a brand new hairstyle.blonde highlights for red hair 2017Blonde Highlights for Dark Hair

Be it black or brown dark hair looks lighter only due to blonde highlights. The only thing you should pay special attention too is the right matching of shades. Dirty blonde, dark honey blonde or glossy golden blonde hair colors can add a flashy and glamorous touch to your naturally dark hair. It is recommended to opt for the blonde hues which work well with your skin tone.blonde highlights for dark hair 2017Blonde Highlights for Ash Brown Hair

There are several brown shades which are light thanks to their matte ash-y effect. These hair colors are gorgeous with blonde highlights. You are welcome to opt for the ash blonde or ash-y platinum blonde highlights to create well-balanced and trendy style for your hair. Add them on the front face framing layers.blonde highlights for brown hair 2017Blonde Highlights for Curly Hair

The lovely messy and curly hairstyles are always advantageous when it comes to thin highlights. Adding a great mixture of thin highlights on curls is the best thing you can do with your natural hair. This tricks helps you to embrace your curly hairstyle and to get rid of any kind of dullness that it used to have before. No matter you have a short or long curly hairstyle, stunning blonde highlights are perfect for you.blonde highlights for curly hair 2017



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