Ash Blonde Hair Colors

It is a fact that blonde hair grabs a lot of attention regardless of the actual shade. The best thing about blonde is that it is really versatile and everyone has that opportunity to find something that flatters his/her skin complexion. Compared with other tints of blonde ash is a more muted tone but it is still capable to grab attention. Light ash blonde, medium ash blonde, natural ash blonde and dirty ash blonde are the most popular shades of ash blonde for highlighting your strands. Well, ash blonde is a high maintenance so it requires much care. Below you can find some inspirational images of ash blonde hair that will help you commit.    Ash Blonde Hair Colors      Ash Blonde Hair

This example proves that ash blonde can be ridiculously gorgeous when styled in a right way. Here long ash blonde strands are deeply side-parted and then swept off to one side. The waves that are placed throughout add a subtle and soft touch. This elegant and feminine headdress can be worn in formal sittings too. However, go for regular touchups to and use conditioners and hair products to keep your strands healthy.Ash Blonde HairBrunette Ash Blonde

It is a modern take on the ash blonde look. Here brunette, ash blonde and grey tones come together to create an eye-catching ombre hair. The finishing result is the head full of voluminous flaring waves. The best thing about this combination is that it flatters almost all skin tones –from cool to dark. However you cannot achieve this particular style by your own.Brunette Ash BlondeAsh Blonde Waves

Ash blonde looks a bit different on natural blondes. This silky hair is the result of ash blonde tint and bouncy waves. The luscious combination creates an ethereal look that most of girls would like to have. Spirals are incorporates all through the hair to create fullness and fabulous texture. This look will definitely turn heads!Ash Blonde WavesAsh Blonde Ombre

Both with lowlights and highlights you can achieve an interesting hair colors. Here the dark hair has been given a light boost with ash blonde tone that starts from mid shaft of the strands. With occasional lowlights throughout the hair you can give extra depth and dimension to your strands. Well, styling is easy too, since creating brushed out curls is more than enough to showcase the shades.Ash Blonde OmbreAsh Bronde Ombre

Ash blonde can be the best shade to upgrade your brown strands. If you chose to be trendy, then start from your hair. Hair accessories will add some personality and character to your style. The example represented below is the best inspiration for all ladies.Ash Bronde Ombre



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