Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair Color in 2017

A brown is a solid shade that provides you with a classy and elegant look but adding highlights makes it edgier and catchier. Blonde is another sophisticated hue that can be added to brown hair to give it pop. Blonde highlights work for anyone, regardless of skin tone, hair texture and hair length. “Bronde” is the best word to describe a brown and blonde combination. The secret lies in knowing the exact shades that would emphasize your facial features and eye color. Here we have compiled the most exciting blonde highlights for brown hair color in 2017.Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair Color in 2017Rooted Golden Blonde

Kylie Jenner’s hairstyle features a dark chocolate brown root that transitions into a golden blonde hair color. The cute beach waves on the hair add a subtle volume to the tresses while giving extra pop to this rich summer hair color. If you want to keep your locks shiny finish the look by spritzing a shine spray on the hair. However, you should go for bleaching to achieve a perfect golden blonde hair color.Rooted Golden BlondeWarm and Cool Blonde and Brown Hair Color

If you are looking for hair a color that will complement your neutral skin tone you don’t look further. The ash brown hair color starts from the roots and combines beige blonde hair highlights. The highlights have been applied through balayage hair color technique. Style your hair into beach waves from top to bottom to create a multidimensional hair look.Warm and Cool Blonde and Brown Hair ColorBlonde Highlights on Brown Hair

This lovely hairstyle consists of natural dark brown hair color with head-painted blonde highlights. These highlights make the chocolate brown hair color more interesting and catchy. When it comes to styling, give your mane some waves to bring out your cute blonde highlights. It is an excellent bronde that complements a wide array of skin tones and natural textures.Blonde Highlights on Brown HairTwo-Toned Hair Color

Brown hair color with blonde balayage will accentuate your warm skin complexion while bringing out the best of your features. If you think that a single toned hair color is not for you, consider this option. It doesn’t look too bold but it brings out the beauty of blonde and brown shades. As for styling, give your locks a center part and effortless beach waves to create a flawless hair look.Two-Toned Hair ColorDark Brown to Bronde

The combination of warm and light shades creates an excellent hair color for women with different skin tones. This bronde is all about multiple hair highlights placed throughout the locks. The darker roots perfectly transition into lighter shades and provide with a bronde hair color. It is one of the best ways to pair blonde and brown tones.Dark Brown to BrondeAsh Brown to Silver Ombre

This is an excellent option for any woman who wants to experiment with a silver hair color without making a bold statement. The hair color is all about dark roots and silver tones placed throughout the locks. Undoubtedly, silvery tones require lifting your hair to the highest levels of blonde.Ash Brown to Silver Ombre



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