Bombshell Blonde Balayage Hair Colors for 2018

Balayage is an extremely fabulous technique that provides with ultra-natural effect and looks great even after growing out. The greatest thing is that the technique is literally for everyone. You have an opportunity to customize every shade to your wish. However, today we have prepared some bombshell blonde balayage hair colors for 2018 that you will definitely love. If you want to go blonde, just don’t hesitate to rock one of these balayage blonde hair colors.blonde hair colorsRose Gold Balayage

Let’s start our list with golden hues. It is a strawberry blonde hue that you can achieve by mixing light red and golden blonde. The results are truly mind-blowing. But you may also give a metallic sheen to your locks. Balayage is the right technique for applying these tones. Indeed, for this particular look you will need to find a right hair colorist. Rose gold is a great shade that complements an array of skin tone.Rose Gold BalayagePlatinum Balayage Hair Color

It is a very matte shade of blonde, almost eggshell. It is a sophisticated combination of light gray and ashy blonde tones. Shadowy roots are amazing when paired with light tones. It is not an easy hair color to get plus it requires lots of touch up and upkeep. If you want to have a color like this, show this picture to your hair colorist and ask for the same look.Platinum Balayage Hair ColorFrozen Blonde Balayage

After seeing this hair color, you will definitely want to make it as your primary shade. It is another option that proves that there is nothing better than balayage. In this particular style roots are not brown or black but a darker shade of grey. The rest of strands are in light platinum shade. This one is also high maintenance particularly when you are a brunette naturally.Frozen Blonde BalayageSombre Blonde Balayage

This hair color is great when you work in strong environment. It is a perfect blend of sombre and natural beige tone and a barely visible platinum towards the bottom. With a style like this you will make a fashion statement. Give your locks some waves to bring out the amazing tones. Use conditioners and shampoos to keep your locks healthy.Sombre Blonde BalayageCream Coda Balayage

This cream soda balayage has taken by storm. Everyone want to achieve the shade as it looks super natural. Cream soda hair color has been spotted on many celebrities. Just be one of them and rock the very coolest shade of blonde. Ask your hair colorist for color treatments to keep your hair color fresh.Cream Coda Balayage



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