Brown/ Blonde Hair Colors for All Skin Tones

It is not a secret that females love experimenting with different hair colors but everyone knows that wearing a new hair color can be pretty risky. Randomly chosen shade doesn’t guarantee a flawless look because you don’t know whether the color will work for your skin tone or not. However I have selected some brown and blonde hair colors for all skin tones. Whether you are bored with your current hair color or you want to try something new, these pictures can be pretty helpful as they will guide you to a perfect shade for your complexion.Brown/ Blonde Hair Colors for All Skin TonesAsh Blonde Hair Color

The ash blonde hair color is ideal for women with livid skin tone. In case if you have pink undertones in your complexion, don’t hesitate to wear this trendy hair color. Sometimes ash blonde may go yellow. In order to avoid yellowish tints, go for purple shampoo and don’t forget applying conditioner. Ask your hair colorist for the best treatments to make the color last longer.Ash Blonde Hair ColorLight Blonde Hair Color

Light blonde is a desirable shade both for brunettes and blondes. Unfortunately it is not easy to achieve light blonde on brunette locks, but after several bleaching sessions, you will probably get the tone. However, in this case the skin tone is the most important factor. If you have fair skin and eyes that are blue or chestnut, light blonde is just amazing for you.Light Blonde Hair ColorGolden Blonde Hair Color

Looking for a shimmering shade of blonde? Consider golden blonde. This splendid hair color is great for women both with warm and fair skin tones. You can go for golden blonde highlights or wear it is an all over color. The choice is up to you! To keep your blonde hair healthy, use conditioners and shampoos for color treated hair.Golden Blonde Hair ColorLight Golden Brown Hair Color

Light golden brown is a pretty hair color choice for spring and summer months. If you have warm skin complexion, don’t hesitate to try this light shade of brown. It is a low-maintenance hair look that will allow you to know how it feels like to be a light-haired lady. Revamp your look with a chic hue like this.Light Golden Brown Hair ColorJet Black Hair Color

For an elegant look, dye your locks in a jet black hair color. The best thing about this lovely shade is that it compliments both dark and fair skin tones. Jet black with blue undertones is a modern take on the trend. This shade will not introduce some drama to your look but also give life to your tresses.Jet Black Hair ColorAsh Brown Hair Color

Ash brown hair color is here to provide an impressive look. It works best with medium skin tones. The greenish undertones of the color are ideal for any skin complexion. However women with skin problems should avoid wearing ash brown hair color, as it may bring out the flaws.Ash Brown Hair Color



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