Different Blonde Hair Colors for 2017

There are multitude images of blonde hair colors that include everything from subtle blonde highlights to bold blonde ombres. Getting a new blonde hair color is based on your natural hair shade. If you are a hot brunette, you can go blonde by bleaching your locks. Whether you want a white blonde or any other shade of blonde it requires a light tone of base to provide that sophisticate hair look. Let’s not forget that blonde has plenty of sub tones that flatter a wide array of skin tones. Here we have some striking blonde hair colors for 2017 that you will definitely love to try out.Different Blonde Hair Colors for 2017Natural Blonde Hair Color

Is there anything better than a natural blonde hair color? This blonde gives an attitude like you were born with it. Actually it is pretty multidimensional with several blonde tones that look like similar. But before committing it is important to figure out whether the look is for you. Luckily this blonde tone looks great on any skin tone because the color mimics your skin tone.Natural Blonde Hair ColorDark Reddish-Brown Blonde Hair Color

No doubt, one color is good but two, three are better. Dark-reddish-brown blonde is a multidimensional hair color that requires blending blondes, browns and reds customized to your skin tone. You may create the look to your own taste. Pick the best shades of red, blonde and brown to achieve a perfect dark reddish blonde brown hair color.Dark Reddish-Brown Blonde Hair ColorChestnut Blonde Hair Color

Chestnut blonde is on the darker spectrum of the color. To get a rich chestnut blonde hair color, mix your dark strands with golden highlights. Generally this color combo flatters women with dark eye color such as black and brown eyes, although it looks fabulous on medium skin tones with light eyes as well. Consider this look, but don’t forget consult a professional hair colorist.Chestnut Blonde Hair ColorBlack Blonde Hair Color

For a dramatic look go for a combination of blonde and black. Due to the contrast of light and dark hair color, anyone can pull off this look regardless of eye color, skin tone and natural texture. Most women prefer to wear it in an ombre pattern. Perhaps these two shades are the most popular options for ombre look. Try it, you will definitely love it.Black Blonde Hair ColorCherry Blonde Hair Color

Cherry blonde hair color is a fabulous option for women with dark skin tone and dark eye color. If you want to achieve this look, ask your hairstylist to dye your hair blonde and then add a cherry color over it. It is an effortless style to achieve particularly when you have natural blonde hair color. Cherry blonde is a vivid fuchsia -colored berry tone.Cherry Blonde Hair ColorCopper Blonde Hair Color

Copper hues are totally in style and they look fabulous when paired with other shades such as dark golden blonde and amber undertones. If you wonder whether you can pull off this look or not, I will hurry to inform that it goes pretty well with dark skin tone and black or brown eye color. If you are a brunette and you want to experiment with blonde shades, this is the best way to go with.Copper Blonde Hair Color



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