Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas 2017

Ladies in dark blonde hair colors are totally on the top especially when they match it with the right makeup style. Between the many shades of blonde dark blonde is something in between that goes well with most skin tones. It has different shades for different complexions, and the best thing about it is that both blondes and brunettes can pull off the most natural-looking dirty blonde for their hair. Hollywood starts such as Jennifer Lawrence, Sienna Miller, Cara Delevingne, Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, Ciara, Blake Lively and many others have already showed their love towards the dirty blonde hair colors. Now we’ll discuss some of the prettiest dirty blonde hair colors for 2017.dirty blonde hair colors 2017Jennifer Lawrence Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Before going for a short haircut Jennifer Lawrence was used to wear various shades of dirty blonde. But the fact is that we see her in this hair color even in short styles. It goes well with her complexion and highlights the pretty light eyes. If you have such a medium skin tone as Jennifer then choose this very shade of dark blonde for your medium or long hair.Jennifer Lawrence dirty blonde hair color 2017Cara Delevingne Dirty Blonde Hair Color

When you search for dirty blonde hair color on the Internet you often see Cara Delevingne dirty blonde hair color inspiration as she knows how to rock it right and how to keep it natural. Her complexion and eye hue allow her to wear dark blonde hair colors and to look so natural. It seems as if this is her natural blonde shade. It enhances her mysterious face expression and draws attention to the cool eyes.Cara Delevingne dirty blonde hair 2017Ashley Tisdale Dirty Blonde Hair Color

The next in our list is Ashley Tisdale with her stunning and shiny dirty blonde hair color. She likes to keep the roots darker than the tips to add a modern ombre twist to her hairstyle. This is her sunshine and glossy mane in a glamorous combination with the smokey eyes and tanned skin tone. The glossy effect of the hair color is more than touchable due to the long straight classic hairstyle.Ashley Tisdale dirty blonde hair 2017Ciara Dirty Blonde Hair Color

And finally here is something perfect for my posh black women who are in a search of the right blonde hair color for their complexion. While light blondes are unnatural and unsuitable for your dark skin and dark eyes, the lovely dirty blonde comes for help. It is the best blonde hair color for tanned, olive and darker complexions. A stunning celebrity like Ciara wears it with great pleasure for such a long time.Ciara dirty blonde hair color 2017Blake Lively Dirty Blonde Hair Color

As Blake Lively has a medium skin tone she opts for the dirty blonde shades which have both light and dark hues in them. She highlights her dark blonde hair with lighter blonde tints in order to create a well-balanced effect for her skin and eye shades. Actually she gets astounding effects which embrace her femininity, attractiveness and cuteness.Blake Lively dirty blonde hair 2017



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