Dirty Blonde Hair Colors for 2018

Dirty blonde is a mix of brown and blonde tones. This hair color stands out because of its brilliance in versatility. Be that a darker or lighter shade of dirty blonde you are bound to make a statement. Actually, dirty blonde is a favorite hair color both among brunettes and blondes. Those, who can’t commit between these two shades, just need to consider blending them for a brand-new hair color. Regardless of your natural texture, hair color or skin tone, you need to see these outstanding dirty blonde hair colors for 2018dirty blonde hair colorsLight Dirty Blonde 

Let’s start from a lighter shade of dirty blonde that is simply irresistible. This light dirty blonde shade has been paired with ashy tones for a color that is more interesting and catchy. A lovely braided hairstyle has been done to create a  sophisticated hair look. When you have a hair color like this, any hairstyle is going to look great on you. Make sure to finish the headdress with flowers for a fairy like style.
Dirty Blonde and Green Underneath 

Dirty blonde hair color can be paired with bold shades and provide with an edgy look. The picture shown below is the best proof of my words. Underneath green hair color is a thing that will always draw lots of attention. But you have an opportunity to cover it whenever you don’t feel like being too bold. Let’s admit that the combination of green and dirty blonde is not bad at all. Dirty Blonde and Green Underneath Blonde with Lowlights 

Highlights as well as lowlights have a power to take any hair color a step higher. This blonde with lowlights provides with a natural looking shade, that many women desire to have. The combination of these tones create a great dirty blonde hair color that looks absolutely amazing with waves. Compared with lighter hues, this blonde requires less maintenance. Blonde with Lowlights Ash Dirty Blonde 

It is a summer as well as winter look that can be copied by women with appropriate complexion. The cool undertones throughout the shades work great for those with lighter complexion. Note that there are hair highlights to give a sophisticated touch to dirty ash blonde hair color. Dirty Blonde Brown Hair Color 

It is a blend of platinum blonde and light brown shades that are paired to create a dirty blonde hair color. A lovely ponytail has been created to show off the beauty of bold yet ultra-feminine undertones. As soon as you get the shades, twist your locks and pull them into  simple ponytail. It will bring out light and dark undertones.



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