Haircut and Hair Color Ideas for Women over 50

A woman is beautiful regardless of her age. Whether it’s a short hair, medium or long, you can always feel amazing with a right haircut and hair color. Never forget that you are a model for your loved ones. Just have a look at celebrities over their 50, how they stand out because of their taste and incredible physical shape. Age is not a reason for giving up looking your best. Grab a good hair dye and give a flattering look to your strands. Below find the best haircut and hair color ideas for Women over 50.Blonde and Pixie Haircut

This hairstyle is just a solution for a woman who embraces her natural white strands and wants to add a feminine touch to it. It’s a platinum blonde that is paired with a bold pixie. The color is easy to achieve particularly when you have natural grey hair. Both the color and the cut work pretty cool together providing with a modern hair look.Medium Fringed Haircut and Lowlights

The highlights are used more often than lowlights but this impressive look is achieved with light and dark lowlights. The result of well-placed lowlights is an ashy darker blonde that is paired shoulder length haircut. When it comes to styling, the hair is straight and a bit tousled. The entire style is a great idea for women that want to make their age ambiguous.Long Hairstyle and Red Underneath

Want to bring out a young girl in you? Well, if yes then this catchy and outstanding hair color and hairstyle idea is your cup of tea. The look requires keeping your hair blonde on the top and go red towards the tips. The color is applied underneath of the stands so you can cover it whenever you don’t feel like having a bold look. However, you can get the look with the help of extensions too.Added Grey Highlights

If you are interested in this hair color, we highly recommend you going shoulder-length haircut to bring out the grey undertones. The beautiful transition of shades provide with a modern hair look that is flattering for women over their 50. As you can see the strands are appropriately cropped that blow out with lovely layers. It provide with a gorgeous effect. Give it a try to take some years out of your face. Warm Red Pixie 

Women that seek attention need to take into consideration this statement pixie. Both the shade and the crop are right chosen. I assure you with this hair design no one will ever guess you real age. You can take this picture with you and show it to your hairstylist. 



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