Heavy Metal Hair Colors for 2017

Coming year is also going to be all about metal shades, since the celebrities continue to demonstrate their beautiful heavy metal hair colors for 2017. We are totally in love with these shades since they provide with a silky effect. However some of these trendy tones require bleaching, though some ladies are really ready to go for anything just to rock one of metal shades. Latest metal colors involve copper, rose gold, platinum blonde, silver and ronze tones. Go on reading to see how you can experiment with them.heavy metal hair colors for 2017Copper Hair

We are totally obsessed with all those colors Kylie Jenner wears. As she likes to experiment with various natural and unnatural shades “wings are must” to keep the locks healthy. However this copper shade is pretty catchy and if your colorist is professional, he/she will definitely advise to keep the roots darker to achieve a better look. This shade will help you to steal the spotlight.copper hairRose Gold

This is the sweetest among all those metal looks. It is also the best option for golden blondes since you are basically adding a pink tint to get a soft and warm shade. For blondes it is going to be pretty easy to achieve it, and you don’t have to go for long bleaching sessions. To show off your beautiful rose gold hair, style your locks into spiffy waves. Rose GoldPlatinum Blonde

Platinum is the richest shade among the metals. You can do so many experiments on platinum spectrum. The equal parts of white and silver shades totally remind us of the metallic elements though these hues are super high maintenance and if you want to keep it fresh, you will need to go for regular touchups and use sulfate-free shampoos.platinum blonde shadeSilver Hair

If you want to kick gray up a few notches, then do it with a striking silver shade. The key to achieve the natural sheen of the metal is to add dimension with right tones. This look is a bit hard to get, so it is better to consult with your colorist about all details and find out whether it works for your skin complexion or not. However, if you are a brunette, then get ready for long bleaching sessions.Silver HairRonze

The ronze color involves both red and bronze tones. It will provide you with a classic redhead look and it is super wearable for all brunettes out there. However, it is all about finding the right tones (from deep bronze to golden red) to flatter your skin complexion. Ronze is going to be hit on the coming seasons too, so feel free to experiment with this shade.ronze



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