Ideas for Burgundy Hair

What do you think about having a red tone on your hair? Burgundy is the most prominent hue of red and it will help you attain your desired look. Burgundy offers various tones that can flatter any skin complexion making the wearer stand out of the crowd. Here I have selected some ideas for burgundy hair that will give you a super glamorous look. Just enjoy, and do your right choice!  Ideas for Burgundy HairRuby Hair

Want to be the most elegant girl? Then the ruby hue is what you want to create exactly the look you want. Roby hue works perfectly to enhance the appearance of your straight long hair. The ruby will be colored straight on your strands, from top to the bottom to given an effective product. If you have natural curly mane, it will be better to make it straight to showcase the beauty of the shade.Ruby HairBurgundy Hair

You can have a chic look for all occasions by coloring your hair with the faded red wine hue. The color will perfectly melt into your strands and give them natural look. Apart from it, this color will provide you with a beautiful texture and give your locks extra dimension. It is not necessary to have long locks to show off the hue, since it compliments all hair lengths.Burgundy HairBlonde and Burgundy Ombre

Well, undoubtedly this is a luxurious color mix that will accessorize any long wavy hair. In this design the blonde and claret shades work together to bring out a sophisticated look of the design. The red wine hue will be used for the base while on the rest of hair will dominant the blonde shade. Pull your long curls back to make the color blend noticeable and elegant.Blonde and Burgundy OmbreViolet Sparkle

If you are a girl who doesn’t like to have a hair color that draws so much attention, you can go for the violet burgundy hue on the tips of your strands. Violet sparkles will give your hair a new gorgeous look and enhance your self-esteem. With a hair color like this it will be very easy for you to have a stunning look. However, it is a way to give a new breath to your lifeless locks.Violet Sparkle Hair Red and Black Ombre

Red and black shades join to create the most classic and elegant ombre design. In this case you have a chance to maintain your natural hair tone. So, this ombre pattern requires transitioning from natural dark shade to red wine hue. This looks is great for ladies who like to keep it simple.Red and Black Ombre



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