Life Changing Hair Color Trends

Last year we have seen everything from bold pastels to vivid rainbows but it is said that 2018 is all about laid back shades. But wait, it doesn’t mean that pastels and rainbows go away, but the colorist give their preference to less drastic shades. Prepare yourself for either dark and sultry or warm and cozy shades. However, regardless of whether you are up to a daring hair color, or you just want to enhance your look with subtle hair highlights, you need to watch these life changing hair color trends.trendy hair colorRose Gold Hair Color

Popular hair salons just announced the biggest hair color of the year -rose blonde. Well, it’s not something new but year by year the color gets better look. This time it has the millennial pink name. It has taken the internet by storm. The shade can lean on more pink or blonde but it’s the greatest line in between these two hints. The result is an ethereal look like this.Rose Gold Hair ColorSubtle Face Framing Highlights

Oh, these highlights! They are evolving every day. With the hand-painted coloring technique, the highlights get less chunky and more natural look. The lightest face framing highlights brighten up the look while giving a lovely color to face. However, face framing highlights should be created according to your skin tone and an existing hair color.Subtle Face Framing HighlightsCharcoal Hair Color

This gloomy hair color is nothing but chic. Known as charcoal, it has gone viral on Instagram. It seems an excellent shade for brunettes, that want to try unnatural tints, but have fears. The shade is not too bright but it still holds lots of sophistication. The charcoal hue still requires bleaching your hair to blonde and only after that apply the grayish hues. Cinnamon Caramel Swirl 

This delicious hair color reminds of a cozy holiday drink. It is an excellent hairstyle for brunettes that are looking for a modern update. The style is all about strategically placed highlights that change everything. If being a brunette is your sign then, this is the style you need to adopt right now. It is also low-maintenance so you don’t need to rush hair salon as soon as you see grown out strands.
Pearl Blonde Hair Color 

We have something more sophisticated for all blonde-haired ladies out there. Pearl blonde is not something drastic if you already have blonde hair. It is pretty light version of blonde that looks cool and icy. In a word, pearl blonde is softer platinum with pinkish undertones. Indeed, celebrities are also in love with this shade. 



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