Low Maintenance Hair Color Ideas

Hair color ideas are endless! Those who made the decision to change up their look, there is an easy way to do that- a new hair color. But commitment is the biggest risk to take. Keeping one’s hair color mellow and bright takes lots of time, money and effort. So if you are a busy person or you are lazy enough to spend every other Saturday visiting your hair colorist, here I have compiled low maintenance hair color ideas. This post will help you learn on how you can get the coolest color for the lowest maintenance.Low Maintenance Hair Color IdeasBlack Hair Color

There is really something irresistible about inky-hued hair. This shade is pretty edgy but easy to get, particularly when you are a brunette. You can skip the damaging and time-consuming process of pre-lightening your hair color. Try to find out the best shade of black that flatters your skin tone. You will be able to stay eight to ten weeks without touch-up. Just welcome your dark side!Black Hair ColorStrawberry Blonde

If you are a natural blonde, opting for rainbow hues may be pretty enticing because it is just so easy to get. Try to apply some strawberry hues throughout your blonde locks and you will be impressed. It looks absolutely amazing even with less upkeep. You will achieve a little punky look because you are not tinting the whole head of hair. It is easier to maintain!Strawberry BlondeColorful Ombre

Ombre has always been trending but this particular style is just what you need to take it a level higher. Instead of fading your locks lighter, you just have to choose your favorite vibrant hair color to add to it. Since you maintain your natural roots, you only need a touch up every three to six months. Isn’t it amazing? It is just a dream of any girl.Colorful OmbreTortoiseshell Hair Color

When it comes to natural-looking hair highlights, brunettes didn’t have an easy way to go but now they should add a tortoiseshell trend to their arsenal. It is an amazing idea when one wants to go just a few tones lighter. Tortoiseshell hair color is all about a multidimensional mix of honey-toned shades that are pretty subtle. You will need to see your colorist every three to four months.Tortoiseshell Hair ColorHair Strobing

Strobing hair color is the hottest trend of 2016 as it shows a different way of experimenting with hair highlights. In 2017 we are still going to see this low-maintenance trend. Ask your colorist to add shimmer where the sunlight naturally hits the locks. Hair strobing is meant to accentuate your natural hair color while giving it some pop. It is an excellent color to highlight your features as well.Hair Strobing



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