New Blonde Ombre Ideas for 2017

If you don’t want to miss out one of the trendiest color designs then you need to try out blonde ombre ideas for 2017. There are various ways to rock this style, since blonde is a shade that can be perfectly paired with many other hues to create an elegant ombre look. With this technique you can go for a bright look or a somber one by using a dark shade such as black or brown. By the way all of them look magnificent; you just need to choose something that conforms to your blonde ombre ideas for 2017Black to Bronde Color Melt

Brown and blonde will always create a perfect combination and it will make any hairstyle have an adorable look. The overall style starts with a dark shade that drastically transforms into the blend of brown and blonde hues to create a sparkling color design. For styling you just need to give your strands a subtle center part to show of the contrast between the shades.Black to Bronde Color Melt for 2017Ashy Balayage Hair

A right chosen color will help you to create a dimensional style but you need to know how to choose and mix them. In this particular design the hair has a brunette base shade, and a good texture comes from hand painting an ashy hue. However the ashy tone is the most dominant and the roots maintain the dark hue to introduce some contrast into the style.Ashy Balayage Hair for 2017Dark and Blonde Windswept Hair

The different elements are meant to create a top-notch design but the texture of these long windswept locks is everything. It is pretty easy to create the locks but the color can be a bit complicated. This color requires placing a light brown shade on the tips of a dark-shaded hair to create an excellent contrast.Dark and Blonde Windswept Hair 2017Light Brown to Blonde Ombre

Here the color is very distinct that involves transitioning from a light brown base to a sweet blonde shade. These two tones look really fantastic together but the look wouldn’t be complete without the curls and the simple side-swept style. I have already mentioned that blonde and brown shades create a perfect combination.Light Brown to Blonde OmbreSilver Gray Beach Waves

If you choose a right color mix then you can easily cover your imperfections. For example in this design the silver gray shade helps to conceal the fact that the long wavy locks are pretty thin. Styling is too easy; you just need to sweep back the wavy strands maintaining the waves. A center parting would definitely enhance the overall style.Silver Gray Beach Waves



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