Pearlescent Hair Color Trend for 2018

After seeing this hair color trend, you are going to look at lovely pearls differently. Since today, you have been using them in a form of necklace, ring, hair accessory but today pearls serve as a source of inspiration for a new hair color. Meet pearlescent hair color trend for 2018. This hair color trend has already captured Instagram bloggers, fashion gurus and trendsetters’ attention. In this article, we are going to show off some superb looks with pearlescent hair colors and explain you how you can get the look. Read forward to get more info about this huge trend.pearl hair color trend for 2018Pearl Hair Color Trend

Just like the pearls, this shade also ranges from platinum, silvery blondes with a pearl sheen and rainbow hues. The fact is that the trend is just striking. The color requires creating a seamless color blend to mimic the pearl, some unnatural shades tend to fade out easily. In case, if you find your favorite look of a pearlescent hair color, show the picture to your hair colorist.pearlescent  hair colorProcess of Achieving Pearlescent Hair Color

Kate Reid, a popular colorist and design director for Kevin Murphy’s Color, explains that achieving pearlescent hair color is not a quick process. It is a slow process that creates the best pearliest hair ever. It is long time consuming process that requires some skills. If you are ready to commitment, Kate Reid offers to show the picture of the color to your hair colorist. Make sure that he/she is professional enough to provide with the best look ever.pearl blonde hair colorMaintenance of Hair Color

Perhaps, maintenance of the shade is one of the most important things that you should take into consideration. Kate Reid explains that the well-conditioned hair is must for a pearly hair look. It will never look great on damaged strands. It will be better to work with hair colorist and create a special maintenance program. When you decide to go for a pearlescent hair color, you should avoid heating tools. They are too damaging, plus they will make the color fade away. If you want to keep your hair healthy, use purple color-enhancing shampoos. Don’t forget to ask your hair colorist for the best color treatment.rainbow hair Who Can Pull off the Look

Surprisingly, everyone can pull off this ultra-feminine and striking shade. However, it complements cool skin tone best, although the trend is quite versatile and it looks great on everyone. Lots of Instagram babes prove that everyone, literally everyone can pull off the style. Just go ahead with the look and impress all your friends out there.curly pearl blonde
pearl with hair highlights



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