Popular Hair Colors for 2017

Among all these rainbow and pastel shades you can still go for something unique and natural-looking. You can keep your natural hair while having a sparkle of rainbow on a small portion of your strands. I know how it is hard for you to make your choice between natural and unnatural shades, so that’s why I have put together the most popular hair colors for 2017 to give you a basic idea about the coming trends.Popular Hair Colors for 2017Pewter Hair

Dark haired ladies should consider getting in on the gray trend with some burnished pewter shade. The luscious touch of black and blue gives the silver more depth and this example proves that there are really 50 shades of grey. However, this jewel tone is a sophisticated take on the natural grey hair trend. It looks better and cooler, don’t you think so?pewter hair colorPlatinum Blonde with Dark Tones

Let your platinum strands grow out and don’t try to rush back to the salon for touch ups. Why? That is because your platinum is going to look much better with grown out roots. Here you can see a beautiful model that could make contrasting dark roots look this good you can do it too. When it comes to styling, she has created side braids that put on display the contrasting dark roots.Platinum Blonde with Dark TonesCerise Colored Hair

This is another scrumptious shade that is worth to try out. We know that you want to have your lipstick straight on your hair. Well, try out this color and it will provide you with the most positive feelings, however the cerise hue works well both with pale and tan skin complexions. Though, before rocking it consult with your colorist to know all the cons and pros of having it on your strands.Cerise Colored HairRainbow Roots

We are totally obsessed with this new trend and it is meant for all crazy ladies out there. Whether you are surprised or not but this new trend involves rainbow roots. It is going to be one of the most requested hair color trends in 2017. The choice of rainbow shade is up to you but whatever you choose, this is adorable and unexpected way to cover your roots.Rainbow RootsRusty Red

Ginger inspired rusty tones look even more radical. This is one of those head turning shades that you can rock in 2017. If you are a natural redhead then it will be the best way to upgrade your look or it can be your next hair makeover inspiration. Style your strands the way you want, since with a rich shade like this you will never go wrong.Rusty Red



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