Popular Hair Colors of This Year

Instagram beauty bloggers and fashion gurus dictate the trends and ordinary people follow them. They are the greatest source of inspiration. Today we have complied popular hair colors of the year using trendsetters as an ultimate source of inspo. If you are about changing your current hair color, this is the right moment to do that.Butterscotch Brown Hair Color 

Want to be a beach babe? Do it with this sophisticated butterscotch brown hair color. A warm brunette with tones of sunshine give a mood of eternal beach babe. This butterscotch brown looks quite natural due to the technique used to apply brown and blonde tones throughout the locks. Balayage is the key to this amazing look. Regardless of whether you are a brunette or blonde, you may adopt this shade for yourself. butterscotch brownRadiant Red Hair Color

This radiant red will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. The color speaks about women strong nature and character. It is a bold shade that every woman can wear. The thing you need to know is that everyone has her own version of the shade. Be that bright or dark sub-tone of red you can customize it to your own complexion. It is your turn to choose a shade appropriate to your skin tone and eye color. Velvet Black Hair Color 

Since black is the most natural hair color, it will never go out of style. It is a no-maintenance shade that everyone can achieve. Even though the shade complements countless skin tones, you still need to consult your hair colorist to make sure that exactly this shade of black works for you. Sometimes not a right shade of black creates a washed out look. Vivid Hair Colors 

Vivid hair colors have been spotted everywhere. Women are in love with bold shades. The advantage of rocking bright and vivid tones is that they make them stand out in the crowd. It is a great way to gain more confidence. Despite the bright shades are difficult to maintain, they are worth trying. You are free to go for pink, blue, orange or green. Get your best inspiration from Instagram beauty bloggers. Golden Blonde Hair Color 

According to popular hair colorists blonde is the most requested shade. Everyone want to know how it feels like to be a bombshell blonde. Well, that’s a case of several bleaching sessions, particularly when you have dark hair. Those who have bleached locks need to try the golden hue of blonde. It is really impossible to go wrong with this incredible hue of blonde. If it is your shade, don’t hesitate to get it. 



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