Rainbow Roots: New Trend for 2017

“New day, new color” if you like to play this game, then you will also like the hair trend that I am going to represent you. This new hair color trend for 2017 is all about rainbow roots. Whether you believe or not but it doesn’t require full coloring, since you just need to tint the roots. There are various options to go for: if you are a bold girl, then adding different shades of rainbow at the same time will be pretty exciting. The color of the roots and the rest of hair will create a beautiful contrast and grace you with a unique hairdo.Rainbow Roots New Trend for 2017Blonde Hair with Pink Roots

If you have decided to upgrade your platinum blonde locks with pastel hues, then be careful about the choice of pastels, since not all tones work well with blonde. Actually the colorists recommend going for light pastel like the one you see here. The pink roots and platinum blonde create a gorgeous contrast and make the wearer stand out. With these incredible roots you will never go wrong.Blonde Hair with Pink RootsHand Painted Blonde Hair with Blue Roots

Hand painted blonde tones will help you to create a beautiful color melt. This shade requires professional hands. Apart from the silvery-blonde tone the roots have incredible inky blue tint. The maintenance of the colors is intense, since there is also an unnatural blue tone that will easily be washed out after several weeks. So consider going for regular touch ups to keep the look fresh.Hand Painted Blonde Hair with Blue RootBrown Hair with Green Roots

This unexpected yet head turning trend came to provide you with a stunning look. Such roots speak about your charismatic and bold nature. You can even rock it on your natural dark hair. Try to color the roots of your brown strands with a jewel green tone and you will be showered with compliments. Though, the shade of the roots depends on your preferences.Brown Hair with Green RootsBlonde with Purple Roots

Purple roots give the blonde locks an extra pop. This is another way to enhance the monotone blonde strands. Purple is a shade that requires much care and lots of nerves. However be that purple, pink or green it is pretty easy to achieve it on blonde hair, because you don’t need to go for bleaching sessions. A simple side-swept style will help you to put on display your unexpected pastel roots.Blonde with Purple RootsGrey with Blue Roots

This is a typical reverse ombre! The beautiful blue roots gradually transform into silver grey. The shades are totally in harmony and the contrast between them is just amazing. The pastel roots are meant to grace you with an Edenic appearance. To finish the look style your hair into beautiful waves.    Grey with Blue Roots



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