Recent Hair Colors by Kylie Jenner

Like always Kylie impresses us with her new bold hair colors. She never fears to transform from one edgy style to another. She is the most popular master of transformations. In a week she can rock two or three different shades. Indeed, we love that. She is a great source of inspiration for those who are not ready for commitment. Kylie has a professional team of hairstylists that know how to make any hairstyle look great on her. The thing that you should know is that she uses wigs and extensions pretty often. Changing a hair color so frequently may cause serious damages. Read forward to see recent hair colors by Kylie colorsPlatinum Blonde Hair 

We can never forget Kylie Jenner’s look on Met Gala. She attended it with a sleek platinum bob that was an avant-garde glam. She one more time proved that transforming from dark brunette to light blonde is not a big deal for her. She looked like a Barbie Doll. A lot of females tried to imitate Kylie Jenner’s iconic look from Met Gala, now it is your turn to rock it with an eye-catching bob like this. platinum blondeNeon Yellow Hair Color 

Another day, another hair color. Kylie debuted a neon yellow hair color and a long blunt bob at Coachella festival. The color was meant to bring out her boldness and wildness. Popped up dark roots make the look even more interesting and catchy. Rooted hair colors continue to be trending. Whether you decide to rock this neon yellow, or any other shade make sure to keep your roots dark.  Violet Hair Color 

Another hair color that Kylie showed off  on her Instagram account is this lovely violet tone. No doubt, it is a wig but it looks so cool on her that it is even hard to guess whether she is rocking a wig or a bright hair color. In case if you decide to wear this bold shade make sure that it works for your skin tone and eye color. Don’t forget that it is a high maintenance tone and requires lots of upkeep. violet hair colorDark Purple Hair Color 

Dark purple is another sophisticated hue that has been seen on Kylie. The style entails a short wet looking bob in a deep purple shade. This bold tone takes a razor cut bob a notch higher. Indeed, this one is also a wig but you may take it as an inspiration for you. Bobs have been seen everywhere, so rock Kylie’s version and stand out. dark purple hair color



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