Stunning Reverse Ombre Hair Ideas

Most of women have turned their attention from the common ombre pattern to the stylish and iconic reverse ombre. It is known to be attention grabber trend and has been created for those who have desire to draw attention. Like many hair colors reverse ombre also comes in various forms. Below I have selected some cool ideas for this style and how to achieve them. Now let’s explore the world of reverse ombre together.stunning-reverse-ombre-hair-ideasBlonde to Brown Ombre

This is a distinguished play of tones in a blonde hair. It provides with a contrasting yet unlined transition that brightens up your face. The strands stretch form blonde roots and end in a brown tone. The top holds some silver highlights that come in handy to illuminate the dark shade.blonde to brown ombreDark Chocolate Balayage Hair

This is the best option for women with dark chocolate hair. This dashing ombre involves bayalaged hair highlights of chestnut that sparkle to brighten up this look. This is fantastic for brunettes who desire something that will draw attention. The density of the locks lessens towards the tips to create nice natural movement in the lovely tips.dark balayage hairBlonde to Dark Tips

There is another way to enhance your blonde shade without sacrificing much of your blonde strands. You get to maintain the natural blonde tone from the roots to a large percentage of the bottom. The ends are give a dark shade and curled to create a more attractive style.blonde to dark tips ombre style

Reverse Ombre

This is one of the coolest ombre styles that are worth to try out. It pictures a perfect blend of a light hue on the top and the dark shade on the tips.  The top hair has a wonderful blonde tone that looks attractive in the layered style. It is styled into lovely waves and curls that add sophistication to your look.reverse ombreBlonde and Black Ombre for Bob Haircut

The style shows off a sharp transition from blonde to black. The top locks are cut into layers that have a natural blonde appeal. It transforms into a black hue at the tips. The pointed tips and eye-catching design makes the overall look even more classic and and blonde ombre hairCurly Ombre in Multiple Colors

This hair involves a beautiful blend of warm tones that make it glow with real beauty. The top blend transforms into a dark shade towards the ends. The curls give the hair a soft appeal while adding lots of volume and dimension. I am sure this girly hairstyle will make you stand out of the crowd.ombre in multiple colors



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