Top 5 Balayage Hairstyles for You

Women are always in a search of an easy way to switch up their tonal locks without full commitment. If it is so for you too, you may want to give subtle balayage a chance. When talking about natural-looking and effortless styles, balayage is first that comes into our mind. There are so many looks that is possible to achieve using this genuine technique. Below you will see top 5 balayage hairstyles that are worth to try in the upcoming seasons. If you are ready to get a right amount of inspiration, just keep reading. balayage hair highlightsPurple Hair Highlights 

Bold hair color lovers will definitely appreciate this look. Rich purple hair highlights create a contrasting look with raven black hair. Pulling of a style like this is just a great idea for dark-haired ladies. The subtle balayage is anything but cool. Now you may have a bold hair color without a full commitment. Get the style for yourself and make a bold statement, since purple continues to be the trendiest shade for women all around the world. Deep Red Balayage

Play up with a trendy lob that is spiced up with sophisticated balayage highlights. The following look is all about a deep red shade that is perfect for any season. Now you can take the basic black shade a notch higher with these highlights. Keep in your mind that a haircut is important part of the style. Both hair color and haircut should be right chosen and only after that your look will be complete. Honey Hair Highlights 

It is never bad to experiment with different shades. The combination of tones will provide with a better look. We offer you to give your locks a light brown shade with honey and blonde colored highlights. The pretty brunette base with sun-kissed highlights provide with a trendy look. Just ask your hair colorist to add some subtle hair highlights and you are done with the look. Honey Hair Highlights Peach Balayage Hair Highlights 

If you want to go a bit lighter, try these peach balayage highlights. They will definitely warm up your look in these cold days. The peach highlights add dimension and movement throughout your locks. However, try a look for yourself but don’t forget to talk with your hair colorist to make sure that the tones work well for your complexion. Ash Brown Balayage 

Ashy tones are all in rage. Everyone is obsessed about these shades. Luckily, ashy tones complement an array of skin tones. They work pretty cool as highlights. If you are a dark haired lady, you should give a try to this look. So take this picture with you and ask for the same hair color.



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