Top 5 Hair ColorTrends to Try Now

When it comes to hair color trends, you will never feel dull or bored, since there are many new techniques of coloring our strands. The main question that most of ladies give is “which trends are going to be next?” Well, trends can start from people on the street wearing an eye-catching look that others want to replicate it. I always think that whatever suits you is trendy, since there are super fashionable pastel hues that are not for all. So you need to take something that works well with your skin tone and eye color.  Top 5 Hair ColorTrends to Try NowGrey- Pink Hair

Well, we have started to see much of blue-gray, violet-gray and pink grey tones. It seems all of us love these muted tones. The hair specialist explain it by saying that it is all about natural progression as women get bored but they don’t want to go too far from their natural hair color. Apart from having a unique and sumptuous hair color, this model also has an incredible wavy texture that helps to bring out the beauty of the color melt.Grey Pink HairBlue Hair Color

Blue hair color is pretty feminine shade that any women can sport. The dark undertones of this sophisticated blue make it an available choice for women with different skin complexions. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and experiment with this chic blue. To put the shade on display style your locks into gorgeous waves.Blue Hair ColorBlonde Bombshell

No matter you have blonde, red or black hair color you should always know how to protect it. Consider using sulfate-free, salt-free formulas designed exclusively for color treated hair. This bombshell blonde gets much attention and it looks pretty healthy. And this is due to regularly used shampoos and conditioners. When you have a rich hair color like this you don’t need to go for sophisticated hairstyles.blonde bombshellBrown Color Melt

The ombre hair is being evolved into more seamless color transitions. Color melt or subtle color transition from dark to light instead of traditional ombre is more popular choice among all ladies. To give your strands even more natural look you can also add some babylights. This method is used by celebrities pretty often.brown color melt Dark Blonde

It is the best moment for blondes to go more “natural” and show off their dark side. Try to incorporate darker hues of light brown and gold throughout your hair length. This is not so dark and it can be a fantastic choice for all blondes out there. This color flatters all skin tones. So feel free to wear it whenever you want regardless of your natural hair color and type.    dark blonde



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