Top Hair Colors by Celebs

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your look is to experiment with your hair color. First thing you should do, is to know which colors are going to be dominant in the upcoming seasons. To make your job easier we have selected top hair colors by Celebs. Of course while doing our research we have taken celebs into consideration because they are the best source of inspiration. No matter you want to wear unicorn hair, or keep it simple with solid hues, here you will definitely find your desired shade. It is the best moment to pull off the latest hair color and be a step forward from the colors by celebsNatural Honey-Brown Hair Color

The main concept of dying the locks with a color like this is to make them appear as if they haven’t been tinted. This honey brown color works well for women with fair to medium olive skin tones and all textures. Dark natural mocha brown will be flattering for all skin tones except for females with fair skin who naturally have a strawberry blonde blend.Natural Honey-Brown Hair ColorPlatinum Blonde Hair

Most of females are still obsessed with platinum blonde hair color so it doesn’t show any sign of disappearing. Anyone with lighter strands can easily achieve platinum blonde without damaging the strands. It is a high maintenance look that requires regular touchups every two to four weeks.Platinum Blonde HairHoney Brown Hair Color

Who said solid shades are not going to be trendy in the upcoming seasons? These colors will always be in the center of attention. According to the colorists honey-kissed strands will still be a popular choice of celebrities and not only. This shade looks cool on females with light brown to cocoa skin tones, since it brightens up the whole face.Honey Brown Hair ColorDenim Hair Color

We are still in love with smoky blue shades like pale blue and navy. These shades work excellent for all women out there who want to make a fashion statement. Take this picture with you to hair salon and ask your colorist for the exact denim shade.Denim Hair ColorMutational Brunette Hair Color

This mutational brunette hair color can be adopted by all brunettes who want to update their monotone brunette locks. If you want to achieve this particular look ask your colorist to add fine highlights around your face or throughout your hair. It is a low-maintenance hairstyle that may last months. If you love it just go ahead with it!Mutational Brunette Hair ColorChampagne Blonde Hair Color

This blonde has a cooler tone that can be seen on many celebrities. Well, it is a damaging shade and it’s best for people who have shorter hair. Champagne blonde compliments light skin tone as well. To achieve this particular hue your strands have to be bleached out and then toned. It looks gorgeous with grown out roots too. Champagne Blonde Hair ColorChestnut Highlights

Some popular colorists claim that light chestnut highlights at the tips are not going leave hair trend. Chestnut brown can work for anyone- blonde and brunette. Your colorist may place a few balayage highlights to brighten the tips and create a sun-kissed effect around the face.Chestnut Highlights



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