Top Natural-Looking Balayage Hair Colors for 2018

Today balayage hair colors are trending like never. Every beauty is looking forward to trying amazing hair colors through this technique. Balayage is a French hair coloring technique that provides with most natural looking hair shade ever. Literally, any tone including pastels can be done with this technique. In case if you prefer wearing natural hair colors, you need to check these top balayage hair color ideas for 2018. I feel like you are going to find your next hair color makeover among these models.balayage highlightsAsh Brown Balayage Hair Color

This ash brown hair color should be included into your must-try list. The shade is still on the darker spectrum that makes things easy to maintain. The natural look of the color comes from balayage technique. You may also ask your hair colorist to place some caramel highlights throughout the tresses. This color doesn’t require touchups for several months.Ash Brown Balayage Hair ColorBrunette and Caramel Tones

If you can’t make your mind what hair color you want to have- brunette or blonde, choose both. Pick blonde and brown highlights to complement your eyes and skin tone. Mix these tones through balayage technique for a sophisticated hair color like this. Luckily these shades flatter an array of skin tones. These shades look great both on long and short hair.Brunette and Caramel TonesStrawberry Balayage Hair Color

Strawberry hair color can’t escape the lure of balayage as well. I have already mentioned that any tone can be achieved through balayage and strawberry blonde is not an exception too. This delicious strawberry tone is paired with creamy tones. If you want to reduce maintenance of your hair color, keep your roots dark-just like this model.Strawberry Balayage Hair ColorGrey and Beige Balayage

Indeed, grey and beige shades are the best to create a catchy yet mind-blowing hair color. From the first side, these tones seem unmatchable but when they are mixed through balayage, they work pretty cool together. However, to get these tones you will still need to bleach your hair as it is impossible to apply these light tones on darker hair. Give your locks some beach waves to showcase the beauty of tones. Grey and Beige BalayageBrunette Hair Color

If you have brunette hair color and you want to jazz up your look without a huge commitment, consider playing up with caramel tones. These highlights provide with the most low-maintenance hair color ever. The best thing is that you don’t need to go for regular touch ups.Brunette Hair Color



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