Trendy Highlights for Light Hair 2017

Though blonde is considered as a playful hair color but sometimes it needs touch ups and some highlights to look more engaging. Here trendy hair highlights for blonde hair come for help. They allow you to embrace your hair color and to look more fashionable. Give a try one of these cool hair highlighting ideas in 2017 and show us all the charm of your locks. Go for a huge transformation and amuse the mirror and your friends.highlights for blonde hair 2017Caramel Highlights for Blonde Hair

Caramel is the first shade that comes in mind when the thing is about warm highlighting option. It is an ideal way to turn your light blonde hair into a stunning warm hairstyle in any season.  You can add it to the tips and to the medium layers of your hair both on the back and front parts depending on your face shape, skin tone ad preferences. The best complexions for caramel highlights are cool to medium. They look warmer and well-balanced with caramel tints.caramel highlights for blonde hair 2017Pastel Highlights for Blonde Hair

Stylish girls who have already done with all the highlighting ideas may like the bright pastel hues which perfectly go with blonde hair. In order to keep all eyes on your “bright” look opt for pastel pink, green, blue and purple highlights this spring and summer. If you avoid permanent hair dying then take hair chalks. They are temporary and easy to get.pastel highlights for blonde hair 2017Gold Highlights for Blonde Hair

Those who have too light blonde hair and pale skin tone and need to warm up their complexion and current shade are welcome to consider shiny and glossy gold highlights. According to your base hair color you can pick sun-kissed golden blonde or fantastic honey blonde hues. It’s preferable to wear thin highlights to make hair look naturally shiny.golden highlights for blonde hair 2017Dark Roots for Blonde Hair

Dark ash brown, warm brown, caramel and light brown hues are the best for blonde hair. They are applied on the top part of hair and as a result provide you with dark roots. This trick is useful especially for women who have dark complexions and dark eyes. Since blonde is not your natural shade dark roots come to create a great balance.blonde hair with dark roots 2017At the end I would like to remind you about regular touch ups and hair color protective products. Use them to keep your highlights fresh, sparkling and eye-catching in any case. Once your hair is grown out update the hues with new tints.



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