Two-Tone Hair Color Ideas

Have you ever thought of rocking two-tone hair colors? The combination of two tones provides an incredible and sumptuous look. Modern trendy hair is always unique in color. Solid and natural shades are still in but in case if you are looking for a really chic and eye-catching hairstyle you will definitely need to add a bit subtle highlights in your strands. It doesn’t matter you are blonde, brunette or redhead since there are no rules you can chose whatever you want for your self-expression. Delicate pastel hues, neon colors, silver tones are available for all ladies, so check out these two tone hair colors and get inspired from.Two Tone Hair Color IdeasBlonde Balayage

Two-tone hair for blondes usually involves balayaged highlights throughout the head to get a natural shade. Actually this technique is used to add extra depth and dimension to the natural strands. Another plus is that freehand technique doesn’t take as much time as ombre. However this blonde balayage is an excellent choice for brunettes but they still need to take some bleaching sessions.Blonde BalayageRed Ombre-Balyage

Lucky thick and long strands owners may add their tresses even more movement with the help of smart layers and red hair color. This ombre-balayage hair is an excellent choice for brunettes who don’t afraid to break the rules and try something new. When it comes to styling, you may go for some gorgeous waves or keep the strands the way you want, since in all cases you will be in the center of attention.Red Ombre Balyage

From Grey to Yellow

If you don’t feel like wearing traditional blondes reds or browns then try something unique such as this headdress. However unconventional colors require more work but the result is more than worth it. So after wearing them you will have to go for regular touchups. Anyway with these colors you can experiment with limitless headdresses under the sun.From Grey to YellowChic Contrast

When you want to change your hair color, it is always a good idea to show the picture of your favorite color combo to your stylist. Everyone has different points of you, so in order to avoid failures it is better to show exactly what you want. Below you can see that two different tones of brown create a high contrast that gives a subtle touch to the waves.Chic ContrastTwo-Tone Hair Extensions

Modern techniques allow you to experiment with the colors you want. Here you can see gorgeous punk colors that are more demanding than natural colors. However, these colors can be really damaging to your hair. Instead of coloring your strands consider extensions, wigs or other alternative ways of adding playful shades through the tresses. With these purple and blue shades you will definitely stand out and no one will even guess that you are wearing extensions.Two Tone Hair Extensions



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