White Blonde Hair for Winter

White blonde is really in mainstream! Winter is coming; if you have plans to blend with white nature then white blonde shades are definitely there for you. It is more than clear that this shade of blonde is different from the others in various ways. It is more popular among ladies who have white skin complexion, though it can still work for many other women who know how to play with shades. It doesn’t matter you want to upgrade your look, or you want to have a shade to stand out of the crowd, just have a look at these pictures and rock one of these amazing looks.White Blonde Hair for WinterSilver Blonde

The hues in this design are just head-turning and they show how versatile blonde is. This amazing hairdo involves doing a full balayage on the hair and showing the roots. However you should also maintain a bright silver blonde shade on the lower part of the hair to create an adorable ombre contrast. Hence the texture of the hair and subtle waves are also stunning and they add some character to the lovely shades.
Silver BlondePartial White Blonde Streaks

You don’t have to use white blonde shade all over your head to have a stunning headdress. This incredible style proves that you can still look amazing if you use partial highlights for your light brown locks. To re-create this look, your colorist will need to hand-paint the shade on the front part and the tips of your wavy brown strands and finish by creating a face framing design.Partial White Blonde StreaksYummy Blonde

The creamy look of this design is mind blowing and with a fabulous tone like this you can experiment with all hairdos under the sun. For this particular style you will also need to make the shade lighter towards the tips to create a unique sombre pattern that will make loose curls even more sumptuous. However, if you are a brunette, you will need some time and effort to achieve it.Yummy BlondeHighlighted Waves

It is not a secret that the balayage technique tends to provide you with limitless options. This spiffy hairdo requires hand painting icy blonde and golden brown streaks on some waves to make them astounding. The waves also have a gorgeous choppy cut and a lovely face framing design. As you see the length of the hair doesn’t matter when you have a rich color like this.Highlighted WavesNatural Blondie Waves

This hair color looks very natural and some ladies are lucky really to have a hair shade like this without coloring. This icy blonde tint is super achievable through balayage technique but with the right color blend. However the trim and tousled waves also introduce some interest into the beauty of the design. By the way, this color combo guarantees plenty of compliments.Natural Blondie Waves



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