2017 Chestnut Brown Hair Ideas

If you like natural hair colors then 2017 chestnut brown hair ideas will be inspiring for you. Chestnut is a hue of brown that involves some red and gold undertones. There are many ways to rock this incredible tint and you are free to blend it with various colors. Like most of brown shades chestnut also works well for women of all skin complexions. The styles below demonstrate how you can have it depending on your hair type and complexion.  2017 Chestnut Brown Hair IdeasChestnut Long Locks

These long locks are stunning not only due to the length but also the fabulous shades. The different hues of brown have been combined to create a distinct look. This color combo will work well for ladies with light skin complexion. As you see the locks also have a nonchalant look that make them elegantly flow to the back.Chestnut Long LocksContoured Waves

This brunette hair uses a hint of chestnut and this styling helps to show it off. If your natural texture has some volume and waves you can be sure of having a modern look. You will also need to keep your strands well conditioned which provide you with a natural hair shine.Contoured WavesDark Color Melt

The waves on this chestnut hair are admirable and they will make any women feel positive since they can look great with any color. These waves are combined with a perfect dark color melt to create an attractive look. If you want to have a hair like this you should ask your colorist to blend some hues of brown to get an excellent color melt. The balayage is the best technique that will provide you with an eye-catching color melt.Dark Color MeltShiny Tresses

Shiny strands always leave an impression of being healthy and make the color more vivid. The tones of this style complement each other and look more appealing. However it involves some hand painted hues with chestnut color used on the roots. Apart from it, the hair has some blonde highlights that enhance the overall look.Shiny TressesCopper Red to Chestnut

If you decide to pair the copper red with a chestnut hue you will get a fabulous tone although, it is important to use a right hair coloring technique. Sombre pattern is the best method to replicate this look. There is some contrast between the shades that makes the locks look more subtle and delicate.Copper Red to ChestnutGolden Brown Hair

Want to have some gold throughout your locks? Then consider this particular design. These hand painted strands have beautiful layers and golden brown shade that has been used to highlight the dark or chestnut base like this. It will be great to keep the shine of the strands.Golden Brown Hair



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