2017 Light and Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

All women like to pair their brown shade with some lovely highlights regardless of whether they have a natural brown hair or not. Brown shade is so common, since it works well almost with all skin tones and you can have it with any hair length. Apart from these, 2017 dark and light brown tones work really well with various natural and unnatural shades and help to create a unique hairdo and all you need is to think out of the box. Even if you don’t imagine how you will look in highlights, these examples will definitely give you an idea.2017 light and dark brown hair color ideasBrown Hair with Golden Tint

There are various ways to upgrade your brown strands and if you have a beautiful natural base, you will not have to do much to create a delicate look. All you need to do is to add some shiny golden streaks to make your brown locks look more elegant. Apart from the color, it also has some lovely waves that are styled by layering and making them slightly messy.Brown Hair with Golden TintBronde Balayage Ombre

Who doesn’t know that the blend of brown and blond tones create a beautiful design? In this fashionable look these two shades have been combined in ombre pattern to give the straight strands a tone that will brighten up the overall appearance. The drastic transition from dark brown to blonde shade is just incredible. However, it is an excellent way to create a beautiful contrast.Bronde Balayage OmbreChocolate Balayage

It is a look without minuses. The color comes from innovative hand painting technique and everything about it is just perfect. It uses a balayage technique to spice up a chocolate brown hair with some cute highlights to make the look stunning. Next thing that grabs attention is the shine of the strands. These strands are super healthy and feminine.  Chocolate Balayage Brown Locks with Peek a Boo

These straight locks are perfect for all modern women out there. It is the best way to keep up with the time and upgrade your look with fashionable highlights. However the brown is the basic shade in this style and the locks also have some sparkling blonde peek a boo streaks that help to create a top notch look.Brown Locks with Peek a BooCreamy Highlights

We always mention that the color choice is crucial since the look of your hairstyle depends on it. In this design the color combination creates some radiant highlights that make the thick wavy locks look creamy and full of life. The brown base is sparkling and it adds some tenderness to the style.Creamy Highlights



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