Chocolate Mauve Hair Color Trend

While women are still obsessed with pale pastels and eye-catching neons, the colorists are busy to popularizing another sweet shade such as chocolate mauve. This color trend will add a hint of summer’s pastels throughout a rich chocolate base. Well, pastel and bright hues are not for forever since one day you may get tired of wearing them. Compared with pastels chocolate mauve has a natural-looking appearance and it will definitely be the most favorite one among all brunettes.Chocolate Mauve Hair Color TrendChocolate mauve hair color involves some vibrant hues that are ready to liven up your monochrome and dull strands. This is a great option for fall and for any other season of the year. I am sure blondes also will show some interest pulling off this gorgeous color.chocolate mauve hair color trendHow to get it

The popular colorist says that by using hues of Pravana Vivids she has re-created natural brown tones mixing purple, orange, pink and other shades. Well, she also adds that she has started with red, yellow and green then combined orange, purple and some other hues to get what you see now. We should admit that whatever it is we are truly in love with it. By the way the brown shades should be used as base hair color and then with the help of hand painting technique add some pinkish highlights. The result is going to be a luscious glamorous blend of dark and light shades.chocolate mauve hairPerhaps the best result can be achieved when the colorist uses balayage and hair painting technique to get a perfect color melt.  This process involves blending highlights with your base hair color. Thus, it provides with lots of dimension and depth. This latest trend of embracing the natural brunette hair will definitely gain your love.  chocolate mauve hair 2017The most fascinating part about this color is that it shows how perfectly natural and unnatural hair colors can be blended to create a unique headdress. However it is the best option for dark-haired ladies, though blondes also can achieve it but they have to say goodbye to their light chocolate mauve hairWhen it comes to your haircut, you can wear your strands either long or short since in all cases they will look sumptuous with a rich hair color such as chocolate mauve. To finish the style give your locks incredible curls.chocolate mauve hair for 2017If you want to replicate this style, don’t try to do it by your own, since it requires mixing some other hues to get the same effect. It would be better to find a good hair colorist who is familiar with this latest trend.



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