Light Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Those who don’t like to go for dazzling and unnatural hair colors, brown shade can provide with the best solution. Brown is a hue that works almost for all ladies regardless the hair type and skin complexion. Apart from this, it seems to go well with most lengths and you will need to know how to work with to create a lovely color mix. Brown can be used as lowlights or highlights. If you plan to experiment with this shade then have a look at the following 2017 light brown color ideas and get inspired from.     Light Brown Hair Color Ideas for 2017Light Brown Sombre

Light brown is an attractive and natural-looking shade, so you don’t have to use highlights to look fabulous. In this design the brown shade is used all over the head but it has been done in Sombre dying technique to make the look very distinct. To style the hair create a loose top knot and a front center part.light brown sombreBlack to Light Brown Ombre

Black to light brown ombre is the most popular choice. If you have long textured and voluminous strands, a nice color blend will be great way to compliment your locks. In this design you need to use a sweet ombre pattern that involves transitioning from black base to the light brown shade. It is also a fantastic way to add an extra-dimension and texture to your strands.Black to Light Brown Ombre for 2017Light Brown Ombre

There is always a good way to look fashionable even if you choose transitioning from one shade to the other. This look is a perfect example of this and it comes from the tone that you get when transitioning from dark hair to silver gray. The colors create a beautiful contrast which is pretty eye-catching.light brown ombreHoney and Caramel Hair

When two sweet shades are being combined, the result is going to be fantastic. This design is another example of a perfect ombre contrast. It requires fading from honey brown to yummy caramel to create an incredible contrast. However, the volume and the wavy texture of the locks also provide with a top-notch look.Honey and Caramel HairBlonde Brunette Tresses  

Brunette tresses are always feminine and eye-catching but this particular one is more attractive than others. Here the brunette is the base color and it is spiced up with some blonde shades to create a highlighted effect. The strands also involve a neat styling that helps to frame the face.blonde brunette tressesLong Light Brown Strands

Long strands always make a great surface for experimenting with various shades. The color choice in this design is a center of attraction and this make the look super natural. These tresses use a perfect dark brown to light ombre but it is not the only thing that makes them stand out. The locks have been styled into waves and messy styling adds a feminine touch to the look.Long Light Brown Strands



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