New “Tiger Eye” Hair Color Ideas for 2017

After balayage hair technique, many ladies make their mind never look back again. Balayage continues to be the biggest obsession of the year. Tiger eye hair color is the update of balayage we’ve been waiting for. This new trend uses warm tones on dark hair to achieve the same effect we have come to expect from hand painted highlights. It got its name from the stone know as ‘Tiger Eye”. It is an ancient stone that has been worn for protection and confidence. The stone involves rich brown and gold tones.  Have a look at these “tiger eye” hair colors for 2017 and find new ways to accessorize your dark mane.New Tiger Eye Hair Color Ideas for 2017Dark Hair with Caramel Highlights

The warm and sweet tones will definitely accessorize your dark strands.  Caramel highlights have been professionally placed on black strands to achieve the effect of “tiger eye”. Her hair has been effortlessly styled to keep the look as much natural as possible. You can take it as some sort of organic chic. Anyway it is a low maintenance look that can be your next choice.Dark Hair with Caramel HighlightsIncredible Auburn Waves

Tiger eye hair color trend is really versatile, so you still have something to choose from. Some variations of this stone appear almost sandy while others are close to red. In this particular style the combination of bronze and auburn shades looks fantastic. The colors are worn on a long bob with trendy waves.  This hairdo will keep your appearance ultra-feminine and tender.Incredible Auburn WavesCopper Highlights

Well, this particular hairdo entails mixing soft auburn and red tones with a bit of gold hues to achieve it. This color combination works pretty cool on dark hair. You just need to add some extra texture to your strands by curling top layers with a large barrel curling iron. Consider using smoothing cream to give extra shine to your locks. It is an excellent option for ladies with long hair.Copper HighlightsHand Painted Caramel Locks

If you are seeking for an ultra-feminine and elegant look then this option is definitely for you. Tiger eye hair colors look exceptionally gorgeous when done with thin highlights. These hues will brighten up your entire appearance and provide you with positive feelings. To finish the look go for incredible curls by using hair tools. It is the best way to modernize your style even more.Hand Painted Caramel LocksWarm Brown and Deep Auburn Hair

The best thing about tiger eye hair trend is that it provides with a natural looking appearance. This version of tiger eye rend has been inspired by redder of the stones. The colorist applied cinnamon hair color to the darker brown strands to achieve what you see. It is a great option for ladies looking to add reddish highlights to their dark strands.Warm Brown and Deep Auburn Hair



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