Stunning Auburn Hair Colors 2017

After the natural-looking chestnut and light browns, come the stunning auburn hair colors for 2017. They are seen in the string of brown shades as auburn is a reddish brown tone that looks richer than any other brown hue. Dying your hair in a warm auburn tint you’ll make it very shiny and fresh. Make sure to match it with medium skin tones and light to brown eyes.

Best Red Hair Shades for 2017

There are many shades that are popular among young ladies. Nowadays it is possible to see redhead girls pretty often. In the past it was sin to have red hair but nowadays redhead ladies are in the center of attention. Girls don’t fear to sport both light and dark shades of red hair color. If you are fond of red hair then you should go on reading because we have selected the best red hair shades for hair shades for 2017Various joyful red shades bring a real fun to all ladies. Girls, if you want to change your hair shade or want to become a redhead, I hope this article will help you to find your shade.

Auburn Hair Highlights for 2017

Each time by presenting you new hair color ideas we prove that there are many ways of styling your hair. You just need to be focused on your style and decide which look you need to adopt. Before going to any hair color first of all decide if you like to be blonde, brunette or redhead. All colors are unique and beautiful. People are different and their preferences are different. Some people think that blonds are cuter, others like brunettes and some of them dream about being a redhead.Auburn hair highlights 2017Modern techniques give you that opportunity to get the hairstyle that you want. Once you decide the shade that you want to wear you will easily get it. Well, today we will represent you auburn highlights for 2017.

2017 Auburn Hair Color Trend

Auburn is more than a hair color. Hairstylist consider it a real work of art. This shade is rich in hues and tones ad tends to give your hair a vibrant shade, incredible shine, mysterious touch and a stunning depth. Look at these images of auburn hair color to copy for 2017. Take the shade which goes well with your complexion and eye hue. After dying don’t forget about regular touch ups and additional styling to enhance the shine of your new hair tint. Always use hair color protective shampoo and conditioner.2017 auburn hair colorsSo, first of all let’s understand what a real auburn hair color is. Generally hair colorists call it red brown because auburn has many tones of both dark red and brown. It is very warm and fresh and goes well with autumn and summer seasons.

5 Gorgeous Blonde Hair Color Ideas 2017

Is it true that blondes are more feminine and attractive? Well, femininity is not something to decide by a hair color but the subtler your shade the more seductive you’ll look. In this case many brunettes go for blonde hair colors and natural blondes opt for shiner and fresher hues. It is worth to try out a new blonde hair color in 2016 to switch up your look. So, let’s discover the posh and ritzy blondes right now.blonde hair colors 2016Buttery Blonde Hair Color

Buttery blonde is matte hair color with a hardly noticeable natural shine on. This shade is a cute sun-kissed blonde that works well with cool and medium skin tones. It looks very harmonious with light eyes. Naturally blonde ladies who want to warm up their base hair color may take a yellowish buttery blonde. It is a good choice especially for spring and summer seasons.