Hottest Caramel Hair Colors for 2017

Would you like to see the mixture and combinations of the hottest caramel hair colors in 2017? You are in the right place. Check out these articles related to caramel shades and see how fascinating it is on different base shades. Caramel is often used as a highlighting idea for most brown shades. It is able to warm up and make hair richer in hues.

5 Gorgeous Blonde Hair Color Ideas 2017

Is it true that blondes are more feminine and attractive? Well, femininity is not something to decide by a hair color but the subtler your shade the more seductive you’ll look. In this case many brunettes go for blonde hair colors and natural blondes opt for shiner and fresher hues. It is worth to try out a new blonde hair color in 2016 to switch up your look. So, let’s discover the posh and ritzy blondes right now.blonde hair colors 2016Buttery Blonde Hair Color

Buttery blonde is matte hair color with a hardly noticeable natural shine on. This shade is a cute sun-kissed blonde that works well with cool and medium skin tones. It looks very harmonious with light eyes. Naturally blonde ladies who want to warm up their base hair color may take a yellowish buttery blonde. It is a good choice especially for spring and summer seasons.