Awesome Grey Hair Colors for 2017

Besides the common granny styles nowadays we meet trendier grey hair colors for 2017. These are rather creative and interesting shades with light and dark reflections. They are used in ombre, sombre and other trendy styles as well as in hair highlighting. The best part about grey hair is a natural human hair shade, which means that it suits all skin tones.

2017 Best Hair Colors for Dark Ombre Hair

You might have your own opinion about dark ombre hair but the majority part of females finds it pretty cool. By the way are they really worth your time and efforts? Well, some of them require long hours and it only make sense when you appear with something that make you stand out. I have done my own research and came up with 2017 hair colors for dark ombre that might be a fantastic match for you. Read more and discover more!2017 Best Hair Colors for Dark Ombre HairChocolate Sombre

In this design you can see the appealing look of a soft ombre style. The natural black hair in this lob cut is paired with balayage highlights of blonde. There are hair sections on the top that fall naturally to the sides. Subtle twists and waves are added to take the elegance of this hair a step higher. This feminine hairstyle will keep you in the center of attention and make you feel more self-confident.

Dazzling Silver Ombre for 2017

Superb ombre hair looks gilt and nearly metallic and it is the latest trend of ever-changing hair coloring scene. Ombre is a typical coloring method but it can make you look unique due to the various shades and silver is a perfect one because it is not as common as blonde or brown. Apart of all, it is a unique shade that you can combine with almost any hue to create a mind-blowing look. It looks great on any hair length and so if you are searching for something elegant and chic then check out 2017 silver ombre.Dazzling Silver Ombre for 2017Dark Brown into Silver

Silver or grey is an adorable shade and it goes well with most colors according to how bright or dark they are. In this style everything starts with a lovely natural brown shade and then blends with a fabulous silver to get an amazing contrast. These shades create a striking dimensional look that is enhanced by an incredible choppy haircut and then styled into long waves.

Subtle Lavender Hair Color for 2017

Eye-catching lavender hair color is accepted as a pale tint of purple but it can also be used to describe grayish, medium light and purple shades. This is the most feminine color that reminds us of perfumed soaps and beautiful lavender flowers. The various shades of lavender make it a great choice for anyone. It involves from the lightest pastel to shocking vibrant hues. Whether you are looking for a full change or an ombre, lavender is a rich color that is definitely worth to try out. Here I have collected 2017 lavender hair colors to inspire you.Subtle Lavender Hair Color for 2017Lavender over Grey Shade

Grey is the hottest hair color right now and it is also a complimentary lavender shade that you see here. This look starts with pure grey on the roots which has been smartly covered with light lavender streaks. The beautiful lavender color has reached until the tips and the grey has been used throughout to provide contrast.

Glam Hair Color Combinations For Grey Hair

As you belong to the group of people who think that grey is a scary shade which should be hidden then I am here to say that you have probably living in a cave. Popular celebrities dye their hair to a silver and ashy blonde to eliminate all fears living inside you. Whether we can say that grey is the most requested shade nowadays or not? Well, the most skilful experts claim that it is so!glam hair color combinations for grey hairGoing gray is the same as going platinum, because you need to lighten up your locks as pale of a yellow as possible and then add those most expected grey shades. But if you are a girl who has already passed all those boundaries to get a grey shade, probably you will need to upgrade your silver or grey hair. You can do it with these glam hair color combinations for grey hair that I have included.  

Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone 2

Last time we have a chance to represent you blonde and brown shades for light, medium and dark skin tones. Being dominant and most chosen hair colors, blonde and brown are always in trend.Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone 2By the way, there are also some other basic shades like black, red and grey. Before choosing one of these shades, go on reading and find out a right hair color for your skin tone.

10 Celebrities Who Have Gone Grey

Instagram is full of trendsetters who are wearing grey shade. Everyone wants to have granny hair. Well, there can be found grey shades for all skin complexions. If you think that silver or grey tints are new in hair trend, you are mistaken. I have selected 10 celebrities who have gone grey. I am sure they will inspire you to do your next step.   10 Celebrities Who Have Gone GreyPopular Dascha Polanco’s grey-to-lilac ombre hair makes a statement. She said she always wanted to try a grey shade but have never thought about combining it with a pastel lilac shade. One thing is clear Dascha proudly rocks her cool hair color.

2017 Hair Highlights for Grey Hair

There are so many highlighted hair color ideas that sometimes you don’t know what you really want. Highlights are meant to enhance your natural or dyed hair and make it even more impressive. It is important to have a trendy and stylish look because it gives you self-confidence and you will feel yourself on the top of the world. New hair color can really change a lot of highlights for grey hair 2017Grey shade is very popular among men and women. After some bleaching sessions you will perfectly achieve any shade of grey. If you have already had grey hair, then you need to think about adding some new nuances to your hairstyle. I have selected hair highlights for grey hair to wear in 2017. Check out the best highlighted hairstyles for you.

9 Best Bold Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Day by day the number of bold hair color lovers is increasing. If in the past having some hair colors were a sin, nowadays you can see many young ladies walking down the street with bold hair colors. What do you think about edgy looks? If you are fan of such kind of styles then you should check out 9 best bold hair colors ideas for 2017.bold hair colors for 2017 These hairstyles are worn by many fashionistas. If you like to be trendy and wear fashionable hairstyles then you should try on these looks.

5 Amazing Grey Hair Ideas for 2017

Some people like to say that grey is a new blonde. I am sure many of you have panicked because of seeing a single grey shade on your hair. Today you have no reason to worry because grey is one of the most popular shades that someone may sport. Many ladies go for outstanding grey hair in 2017.

Grey Hair Color ideas First were celebrities who introduced grey hair into fashion world. In our previous articles we have represented you some grey hair ideas by celebrities but this time we are going to show you 5 best grey hair ideas by non-popular ladies. You will see how deliciously they sport the look.

Grey Hair Color Ideas from Celebrities

Grey hair is for everyone and whether you already have gray or not one day you are supposed to notice this shade on your hair. However some are inpatient and reasonably go for the ravishing grey hair color in 2016. Due to many celebrities today grey has become a big trend and is used by younger women who don’t have even a single grey strand on their hair. celebrity grey hair color 2017Kylie Jenner, Pink, Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Dasha Polanco and Rita Ora are the most famous celebrities who have gone for different shades of grey throughout their hairstyle makeover. Each of them had her own style and shade of grey which allows us to copy the best grey hair color for our skin tone and base hair color.